Are We Saying Farewell to Our Affordable Care?

Is Affordable Care Insurance on the way out? Or will Congress strive to develop a replacement for it before gutting it?

This past summer I had major surgery. Brain surgery. Prior to that I spent the year having multiple MRI’s, CT scans, blood tests, vision tests and trying out new prescriptions for pain and other symptoms. If I hadn’t had insurance, I would never have been diagnosed nor had surgery. Which would have left me being disabled, unemployable, depressed, in pain and basically dying.

So I was all the more concerned when reading about the struggles of people who now have Affordable Care (Obamacare), which Congress has been working hard to repeal since they came back to work January 2.

Keep your politics out of my Affordable Care


Despite doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the past 8 years but obstruct Obama, the do-nothing congress is suddenly working overnight and weekends to put forth all of their reprehensible fascist plans to screw Americans!!

Republicans in the Senate took a major step toward repealing Obamacare Jan. 12, while simultaneously voting down proposed amendments to make sure people with preexisting conditions could still get coverage. Makes you wonder WHAT EXACTLY IS THE RUSH???? WHAT IS WITH THE SECRET MEETINGS IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT??? Is this the kind of behavior we want to see from our “leaders?” Sneaking around and making life-altering cuts to our insurance??

More than just people’s insurance will be effected by repealing the Affordable Care Act. If Congress succeeds in repealing the Affordable Care Act, “20 million people will lose insurance coverage,” with the result that they will lose the ability to pay for life saving medication and treatment. But that’s not all- repealing ACA will result in the loss of 3 million jobs!! One third of the job losses will come from the health-care sector (doctors and nurses and pharmacists). Two-thirds of job losses are expected to come from construction & real estate (hospitals, health care clinics & pharmacies) retail, finance and insurance with a total of $1.5 trillion reduction in gross state product.

The fallout from this fiasco, of course, would be “an unmitigated political disaster.” The tales of people with cancer, diabetes and more who were suddenly stripped of their insurance would very likely dominate the press for months. There would be significant repercussions in the 2018 midterm elections.

The only positive side of things- no Democrats would be blamed and thus Repubs may well be kicked out of office.

One can only hope..




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