February: Month of Heart Health, Black History and Valentine’s Day

Ever love someone so much, you hold them so closely, you feel yourself melding into them?  If not, then it’s time to embrace the whole truth:  why cardiovascular disease is America’s leading cause of death; how half-truths rot the whole and, discovering the cure in recapturing a Valentine’s Joie de Viere, for two.

Sometimes silently sharing a sun warmed bench and coffee is as crystallizing as a warm fire and wine conversation.  However, time waits for neither man nor woman because connection, like time, is more finite than infinite – because in the heat of foreign battle, local road rage and executive treason, death and destruction are indiscriminate – and timing remains, Divine.

Courage is seeking loving communion in the face of a new winter’s dawn, while tenacity is continually tilting mind, body and spirit ever closer to the bright sunshine of civil discourse, before our most hope filled rays of daylight hours release us, with a nip, slipping us into a less chaotic future of refreshing renewal possibilities – saturated with hearts beating in unison, in an, as yet barely imagined, breath longing to nibble at our ear, begging only this one plea: even if it’s too soon to hear and too late to listen, attend.

The greatest criminal delusions of February:

  • Twenty-eight days can emancipate our Obamacare story
  • Believing hidden history texts left to palefaces, masquerading as Cupid while massacring a nation’s global loving
  • Once a year flowers can sweeten a box of chocolates life filled with heartless touching neglect

Myopic TV News media, too often casting us as Background to their noise, must first make us fall for puppeteers peddling disruptive distractions, before staining our discerning gray matter with heartbreak.  Ultimately, however, after Flatlining on a Trump/Pence administration all but rendering us brain dead, we are the only defibrillator paddles that can restart America’s, Good Samaritan heartbeat.

However, although a willing ally, time cannot always remain on our side, if we willingly side with the ignorance of denial, bigotry and hate, over faith in civility, unifying hope and love thy neighbor as thyself.

With tax breaks for the wealthiest, putting Mulvaney’s boot on the necks of Americans struggling from paycheck to paycheck, there is no time to stand between shrinking tax returns and shutdown encore, without each other – before a braggadocious Goliath shell, pitching, at fever pitch, ICE cold-hearted orders ordering unnatural emergencies – filling neighborhoods, borders and penal rooms with racial venom, faux security and an absence of parental hugs and kisses.

When Cabinet heads, attorneys and executives, can’t tell the difference between blackmail and threats, payoffs and campaign contributions, or Catch and Kill from Caught on Camera, then maybe We the People should be knocking on the outhouse of White’s Only supremacy, asking, why are billionaires happiest during POTUS Executive Time.

When in our heart, we know we’ve done the very best we can, letting go is not defeat but the realization that talking, alone, is too expensive.  To reach more who will listen, we must listen more – for not even reason is a match for those who choose to be unreasonable.

While Einstein was probably intellectually skewed toward nature enough to reason, as go the bees’ knees, so too, will those with aspirin between theirs, depart, still in denial of how much they aided and abetted the arrogance, greed and stupidity that diminishes love and life.

Is it too late to save love of life by blocking potentially fractured pipelines of Fracked gas and heeding the increasing repetitive speed connecting mounting floods with mudslides and sinkholes?

Even in the shortest month overflowing with rediscovered overdue exchanges of loving unions of every kind, we have been given enough time to grasp, we need more than medical, historic and Loving-like denial to reach America’s promise land dream.

Remembering, adrenaline is most positive, and best enjoyed when shared – true love makes every day, Valentine’s Day.

While there is time, embrace in heartfelt compassion and passionately pursue a life of self-evident truths:  loving our neighbor’s history as much as we love the one we hold in our arms at the end of the day – even if only in our memories.

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