Finally Trump Truth!

Listening to Trump reminds me of Churchill — no not the incisive intelligence and wit, but Churchill’s remark that “[in wartime] the truth needs a bodyguard of lies.” With Trump it is similar, except with Trump it seems to be a result of personality disorder rather than the need for wartime security and secrecy.

Once in a great while you can glimpse the truth amongst the bodyguard of lies when Trump is speaking. And then, he doesn’t even seem to realize that he has accidentally let the truth slip out.

But Trump did it yesterday and then, not recognizing the truth when he actually says it, he then broadcasts it, like perhaps no one else will notice.

His inadvertent truthful moment came in the bogus medical information release with the bogus TV “Doctor” Oz. Here is the relevant comment Trump made:

“I did every test. I did it last week, and the samples all came back and I guess I wouldn’t be talking to you right now if they were bad. If they were bad, I would say let’s sort of skip this, right?”

What makes this an accidental truth is that, of course, Trump hasn’t actually released any real medical records. Even if he did run to some hospital and get a “physical” (which he still hasn’t released the results of) even that is not “releasing his medical records.”

Oz gets Trumped

This is what a “medical exam” looks like in Trump world!

Trump said that if he had health problems, he would “skip” all this releasing information stuff. Which is exactly what he has done. Handing a piece of paper to “Dr.” Oz is not “releasing medical information.” It is, in fact, “sort of skipping this.”

Which, of course, raises the logical question: “How bad is it Don?” Been told you have early onset Alzheimers? Had a stroke? Have a battery implanted in your brain (or whatever other crap your surrogates said about Hillary.)

How bad is it, Don?

If there were any real journalists in this country, they would ask him this question in just this form until we got an answer.

So, how bad are your health problems Don?

We’ll get to your taxes next!

But now we want to know: How bad are your health problems, Don?

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