What does, Follow the Leader with AUMF, make America?

Skid marks on Donor Class Boulevard: Koch-heads, ALEC, Congress, Deutche Bank, Tax Fraud, Russian Collusion, Treason — but knowing there are populists’ roadblocks ahead — silent partners accessorizing after with alternative facts means: just following the money, miscalculates consequences of cause and effect — and the Seventh Veil of our cause célčbre.

How far are we willing to be dumbed-down by dummies allowed above the law, to not recall? How far are we willing to let those caked in the mud of yellow journalism, to be left behind, exposed only to a Sinclair Group POV?

Ignorance is bliss, but no more excuse than, the devil made me do it.

What undercuts an informed electorate? Is it the invasion of dishonest reporting by a new low in Conservative broadcasting, or Liberal neglect? What if Democrats are more for equal access for all, in education, in opportunity and under the law? Shall America believe Stanley Milgram, or adopt Nuremberg defense?

With the boss abused spice gone out of SNL, is Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a law-abiding shield protecting Mueller from the malice aforethought dictated through a banking mooch mugger?

Following the soulless, who are the real tax dodgers, draining the public trust, ignoring diminishing infrastructure and suppressing the votes of the oppressed, we become their clones, do we not?

There is little security and less comfort in a season of extreme forest fires, tornadoes, floods and political chaos in the heat of the night, unless we make peace with the truth about our pattern of indulgencies in injustice, vainglory, over-zealous hero worship, gun violence and acquitting those who live by it — though sometimes forgiven, targeted too often off camera. For family and friends, a snatched life is never forgotten:

July 20, 2017: Australian Justine Damond, shot to death in Minneapolis by policeman

June 12, 1994: Around the clock coverage of O. J. Simpson tried and acquitted for the duel murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman — paroled July 2017.

May 13, 1985: Philadelphia Police, dropped makeshift bomb on 6221 Osage Avenue to end political opposition organization known as, The Move.

July 23, 1967: A police raid on an unlicensed, after-hours bar morphs into five days and nights of one of the deadliest riots in American history.

Can our Democratic Republic corrode into anarchy? If we allow propagandists shouting the most outrageous excuses for a free pass: He’s ‘Just New to This,’ give him a chance — yes, we won’t need an Alaskan house look-out for foreign missiles.

Freedom of thought and Liberty to peacefully assemble, are as freely sacrificed, as taken at liberty. People distracted by imagined fears and legitimate concerns are most vulnerable to secret keepers seeking public power over private citizens — imposing beliefs by distorting public systems of communication.

What if getting ahead of Father Time is more nation building than following the deep-pocketed money trail? What if the Repeal and Replace Healthcare voting debacle is up for debate, for national distraction?

Thankfully most Americans can discern truth from fiction, and recognize the difference from a self-assured sense of direction, and being led by a self-aggrandizing Pinocchio.

Nonetheless, if we continually allow Trumpsters to be excused by a Republican Congress fearful of its anti-Obama Base polling at 80%, then we are following terrorized political cowards, even as they violate sacred oaths and restrict those with limited access to the truth that would free them from the terrorism of money laundering.

If we lay America bare before an escalator descending into treason, We the People will soon find ourselves standing at the precipice where, she persisted and lock her up, will either throw each other over — for a pretender, or form a more perfect union, remembering — we are indivisible when separating the savage beast from our Crest.

To be silent is to side with Corporatism’s gold-plated government, conflicted between obedience to authority and their patriotic duty to serve all of us.

Either way, for public integrity, we need become citizen sleuths for the truth. For, like Spielberg’s Lincoln, We the People of the United States of America are clothed in immense power, if we can keep it!



















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