Gay Paree, new presidents and new options

The newly-elected leader of France came out with an unusual message to the world shortly after his election was finalized. Here is the jaw-dropping statement that Emmanuel Macron told us: come to France, he said, if you are a scientist. We welcome scientists and tech experts!

How about a couple of years, or longer, in a suburb of Paris while you practice your skills in a community in which you are encouraged to research, find knowledge and be creative.

Every morning you can wake up and stroll to the cafe on the corner, have coffee and breakfast and then make some small purchases for the day’s menu. Perhaps you will jump on your bicycle and ride to a larger store nearby. There you could have a cold drink or another cup of coffee and watch your town go by for their morning routine.

This much like my life in Costa Rica. Aside from the fact that I am retired, my life revolves around doing little daily things, spending time on the Internet checking in with my friends and reading news. Progressive radio is providing me with the latest in the distant Trump scandals. There is nothing I can do about Trump except give money to the Resistance, which I do.

You could be laying low in France somewhere, teaching science classes or doing important research, while the United States squanders our Treasury and persecutes minorities. You can get as much of it as you care to if you have the high quality of Facebook visitors that I do—social media have a legitimate place if you are out of the country.

This is something to think about. Do you feel helpless or marginalized for the stupid reason that you are a scientist or a technologist? Are you clutching your desk as you read the news about the proposed budget? It might be time to take a break from America and let the Republicans deal with the Trumpanzees who are becoming increasingly enraged about the parade of scandals, all coming down on them as health care and retirement benefits disappear and the Republicans put our Treasury in their checking accounts.

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