Was it Over When the Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor? It’s Not over Till WE say it is!

The famous words of soon to be Senator John Blutarsky in Animal House ring true to me today. Remember what had happened in that iconic picture that caused Bluto’s soliloquy? Well, Dean Wormer, after having placed the Delta House on Double Secret Probation disbanded the Fraternity leaving all the members with no hope. It was over. Wormer had dropped the big one.

But then Bluto uttered those iconic lines. We all laughed because everyone knows it was the Japanese that bombed Pearl Harbor and not the Germans. But let’s not pay attention to Director John Landis’s punch line. Let’s look at the next line of our future Senator. “It’s not over until WE say it is”.

Bluto was right! There is much to be hopeful about within the current political landscape. First, as of this morning, those approving of Trump’s first week in office rang in at a whopping 36%. That is the lowest first week approval in history, by far. Second, the anti Trump citizens are coming together in a loose group which was on the cover of Time Magazine as “The Resistance”. “The Resistance” consists of Democrats and AntiTrump Republicans. Independents and Libertarians. Women’s groups, Hispanic & Muslim Groups. Very Old, Old, and Young. Simply put, they are American Patriots who were awakened by the Tiny Fingered Orange Cretin winning an election for the Presidency of the United States of America. You saw them three million strong marching across this land the day after the election.

The more amazing part of this entire debacle is that mainstream Republican Politicians are allowing themselves to be drug along by the nose while Trump & his fascist hoard loot the dignity of the White House and soil America’s good name. In 22 months it will be Judgment Day for this UnAmerican butt licking behavior. The entire House of Representatives and one third of the United States Senate stands for election. If we avoid a nuclear war in the interim,the Citizenery of the United States can right the wrong that is the Private Parts Grabber in Chief and give the Congress to the Democrats. Those Democrats will summarily impeach Trump and hopefully, his Lackey; Pence. Then and only then can we work to rebuild America from damage done by the disgusting Orange Blob who now calls The Oval Office his work space. We must fight the fight every day. Do something small. Join an organization. Make a contribution to an allied organization. Go to a rally. Do something. As Bluto said: “It’s not over till we say it is”. Yes indeed. Yes, we can take back our country. Yes, we WILL take back our country.

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