Getting Out the Millennial Vote

Millennials sometimes say that the “political system does work for us,” and I will say that is probably true. But I can assure you that if you don’t vote, it will never work for you. So, get out and vote!

Millennials sometimes say that we Boomers have screwed everything up. And I will agree with that to some extent. You guys are the future and you need to save us from ourselves. So, get out and vote!

Trump is the ultimate Boomer screw-up. A disaster that will be dragging you guys down for years after we Boomers are all dead. Get out and vote!

After the relatively decent Clinton presidency, we Boomers screwed up and elected an unqualified buffoon. We were promptly attacked by terrorists. Stumbled into a disastrous never ending war. And topped it off with the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. We are still suffering from the results. Get out and vote.

Considering the Republican obstructionism, Obama has had a pretty decent presidency. Imagine how much better off you would be if he had started even rather than in the bottom of the Bush crater. Get out and vote.

If Trump is elected and Ryan (or someone worse!) runs congress, you can count on a few things. You will never, ever see any kind of college debt relief. You can kiss your health insurance goodbye. The minimum wage will never go up and there will be nothing but $8/hour jobs as far as you can see. Your parents will be living with YOU when they trash Social Security and Medicare. The only part of the budget that will increase is military spending, leaving no money for anything you actually care about. Get out and vote.

If the legislative agenda is not bad enough, there will probably be massive amounts of turmoil under a Trump presidency. He wants to the Pentagon to “bomb the shit” out of somebody to overcompensate for his small hands. You can expect massive domestic disruption as Trump and his supporters move against “illegal” immigrants, “dangerous” Muslims and institute a police state in the inner cities. These are all things Trump has repeatedly said he will do. Get out and vote.

In addition to the turmoil, get ready to give up a big chunk of your freedoms under the Mike Pence appointed SCOTUS. Say goodbye to reproductive freedom, abortion AND birth control. Say goodbye to LGBT rights, marriage equality and any hopes that trans people will just be left alone. Say hello to the most regressive ministers you can imagine getting their crazy ideas into law. Get out and vote.

I predict that under Trump, like Bush, we will suffer multiple setbacks. These could certainly include another major terrorist attack, a massive recession (international trade is already slowing, Trump would kill it, that was one of the big factors that intensified the Great Depression) and a full on, boots on the ground, war in the Middle East. Please go out and vote.

Millennials complain that they will end up living in the crappy world that we Boomers create and you will have to suffer longer for it. This has never been more true than facing a Trump presidency.

We face a stark choice in a week. We can continue to live in Obamaworld, where progress may be slow, but it is progress. A world where Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren lead a Senate that can send legislation to a sympathetic President Clinton. A world where the Supreme Court reads the Constitution — not some crazy version of the Bible.

Or we can have Trumpworld where we march backward into the past. A world where women, minorities and LGBT people have no rights. A world of low wage jobs. College debt continuing upwards. Retirement benefits washed away. Healthcare out of reach. Recession. Increased police presence. War. Trump’s crater will make Bush’s look like a gopher hole.

Many Boomers have decided, they would rather have a smoking ruin where they are “in charge”than to let gay people, women and minorities live in peace. Yes, it is pretty much that simple.

You can live in “Boomer World” where you get the social repression of the 50s without the constantly growing economy (that was an accident of history and it is never coming back). Or we can continue to move forward into your multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, city centered world. That is what Brexit was about and that is now what this election is about.

If you don’t want “Brexit times 5” you need to get out an vote. And get your friends to vote. And their friends too. Not voting means that Boomers rule. Not voting will have you waking up in Trumpworld on November 9th.

Only you Millennials can save us. Please go out at vote!

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