Girls’ Attire Blamed for Boys Bad Behavior

Why is girls’ attire an issue? I read an article: a month ago about a girl who was kicked out of school for her appearance. What she was wearing? Clothes! Wait- she was totally covered up- long sleeves, long pants– So what was wrong? Her pants were too tight and would “be a distraction to boys.” Seriously? I was totally incensed! Girls can’t wear clothing, even thought they are totally covered up because it is a “distraction to boys?”

Since when are girls responsible for boys being distracted? Or a better question: Why are girls being held responsible for boys’ behavior?

Girls’ Attire
Girls should dress appropriately for school. We are teaching them to be productive adults and therefore, they should wear clothing that is appropriate. Boys should do the same. That is why schools have dress codes.

However, girls should not be humiliated in class and sent home from school because some teacher arbitrarily decides that her pants are “too tight” or her top is “too low.” When school officials blame girls for how boys behave, it is sending out the wrong message and perpetuating the stereotype that boys “can’t help themselves” because a girl is dressing “provocatively.”

Blaming the Victim
Blaming boys’ behavior on girls teaches boys that it’s OK to be distracted by how girls dress. That it’s OK to objectify girls. That it’s OK to act a certain way when a girl dresses a certain way. This is how men learn to be misogynists. How they learn to rationalize and excuse their behavior; that it’s “not their fault.” “He can’t help himself” because “he’s just a boy!” and “boys will be boys.” It also teaches girls that dressing a certain way makes you a “slut” and that you deserve to get harassed or even raped!

No! Society needs to teach boys from a very young age that boys are in control of their own behavior no matter what a girl is wearing!

Let’s make this simple: due to the genders of boys and girls, there will always be an attraction between them, like magnets- they can’t help it. It’s in their genetic makeup. It is the law of nature to be attracted to the opposite sex for the purpose of procreation to perpetuate the species. All animals do this, or the species dies out. Humans have evolved from the day when they spent their time procreating with one person. Now they live longer and there is more to do in the world then have sex.

When a girl is told she is a “distraction,” that tells her that she is not worthy, that she is only noticed for her appearance and that boys get treated better. It is damaging to her self-esteem and it is also extremely insulting to boys! We can’t have equal rights between the sexes as long as schools reinforce these prejudices! It is time for it to stop!

Dress Code

Sign on Student’s Locker

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