Will Trump Define Edmund Burke?

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

Donald Trump is evil. I looked it up just to make sure. “Evil” is defined as “profound immorality” with synonyms including “vile, foul, depraved, and malicious”. Isn’t it vile to insult a United States Senator who spent more than half a decade as a POW by stating that he isn’t a war hero because he was captured? It amuses me that the first President Bush would be ridiculed by “The Donald” for being shot down in World War 2, and JFK would be shunned by the Trumpster for allowing his PT boat to be sunk in the Great War. Which war did Trump serve in by the way?

Isn’t it foul that he implied that Megyn Kelly was menstruating during a debate?

Isn’t it depraved to take telephone calls pretending to be your own publicist instead of yourself?

Is it not malicious to call a press conference and then insult the reporters calling them dishonest and not good people?

Yes, Donald Trump is evil.

Donald Trump is also about to be the Republican Party nominee. How did this happen? Enough people chose an evil person to represent a major political party in the contest for leader of the free world. Are they evil as well? I think not. It wasn’t Burke, but rather another British philosopher David Hume who postulated that human beings are driven by passion and not reason.

See, now we are onto something. Good people have allowed their passions to overcome their reason and voted for Trump. I can accept that. We all do things in the heat of passion that we regret later. And for all the Trump voters, later is here.

We live in interesting times. Several years ago a minister told the story of a woman who was constantly distressed that she wouldn’t be able to identify Satan during the Rapture and might mistake him for Christ. I have yet to hear Trump referred to as the Anti Christ, but the analogy might be very appropriate. Are they both not evil? Trump is evil, yet many people don’t care. Their passion has so overcome their reason as to cause a national myopia which is seemingly permanent. And that is disturbing.

In particular, it is disturbing that those identifying themselves as “Republicans” have fallen in line with Trump like lemmings marching into the ocean. Their battle cry, is “well, Hillary would be worse.” When will someone say to Mitch McConnell and Marco Rubio and the rest “How will she be worse?” Who will ask them, “Will we be more likely to be in a nuclear war with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as President?” Or maybe someone should ask them “Who is more likely to lead our great nation into the second Great Depression: Hillary or Trump?”

The reality is these individuals associate being a Republican with being right. This is clearly counterintuitive to right thinking persons, but it is true. Has the possibility of a high profile job led Marco Rubio to support a man he called a “con man” just a few months ago? Has the possibility of losing the position of Senate Majority Leader so disturbed Mitch McConnell that he rationalizes his support of “The Donald” by arguing that our constitutional system of government has checks and balances that would not allow him to do anything too crazy. Hey, Marco and Mitch: On Day 1 he gets the nuclear codes! Good to be a Republican until those mushroom clouds appeared over Lexington and Miami.

A few rays of hope have appeared, hopefully portending more to come. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has refused to endorse Trump. This speaks well of him. He is third in line for the presidency and arguably the most important man in Washington other than the President. The Bush family of Presidents and wannabes has also refused to give Trump any semblance of legitimacy. Say what you will about the Bushes, they know an evil man should not be President. Bill Kristol, Conservative Commentator and Republican adviser is pushing an Independant candidate named David French. He is a war veteran and conservative writer.

More impressive to me is that in recent polls, the Libertarian Party led by former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and former Massachusetts governor William Weld received 10 percent of the vote. Some voters are thinking for themselves! That is most gratifying.

If this small trend keeps growing and as the public awakens from the hangover of passion and begins to see reason as the best way to determine who our presidency shall be transferred to next January, we have a chance to avoid being the generation who moved on regretting that we did nothing and evil triumphed as a result. In modern times Burke was proven right when Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of Great Britain, appeased Hitler’s desire to conquer Europe. If enough good men take action, Donald Trump will not conquer the United States of America!

Editor’s Note: On Friday, June 2, 2016 Paul Ryan (Rep.-WI) endorsed Donald Trump after this article was submitted.

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