In the Good Ol’ Days before Hillary’s Emails

The terrorists against Democracy’s Liberty and Justice for All, aren’t ignoring the writing on the wall, they’ve just been quietly switching walls: from coal ash mountain topping to falling oil prices — Fracking water to cracking gas pipelines — Ramrodding Dakota protestors to Corporate Private Prison collaborations — the ALEC cheese stands alone – almost.

Perhaps numbed by Law & Order Nixon, War on Drugs Reagan, Tough on Crime Bush Sr, Three Strikes & You’re Out Clinton — we’ve evolved to the lawlessness and disorder of political rallies inciting violence against, differences of opinion.

Truth is, we’re in a time warped by Jim Crow reruns! Super Predators, don’t dwell in a trumped Ghetto, but are Money Changers bankrupting our future, while undecided pendulums reactively swing, rather than voting for choice.

Wells Fargo, militarized police, wars on women, Native Americans and LGBTQ are individual choices. No one has to be a Conservative Woman for a misogynistic president. We can choose to shine our Rockets’ Red Glare to save the abused spouse, raped neighbor, kidnapped child and The Missing Missing.

Conservatives simultaneously running from & with an ALEC, transitionally choosing to minimalize expenses incurred, rooming and boarding up minorities, and taking its show on the road with GPS monitoring anklets.

So, believing Corporate Media deflecting hasn’t infected Social Media anonymity, we get bought and sold, unaware we’ve been flogged into isolationism. If Baby-Boomers embrace Generation X texting to Millennials on Instagram, we might Hold the Line November 8, 2016.

Just imagine Baby-Boomers and Millennials centered by Generation X! What couldn’t we do to end the herding of our better selves, by Alt-Right Trolls self-perpetuating a distorted nightmare of our American Dream with do-over paleface extremes?

Whether United We Stand or Stronger Together, America is at its greatest when Americans stand together for community — committed to neighborhoods of every color and a multi-cultural world determined to save the earth and all life upon it.

The better choice: showing up decisively for harmony dissolving derision, knowing, there is no security, independence nor greatness in divorcing The Good Fight, reneging on the promise of Lady Liberty or pretending our individual lives are the only life experience for all of We the People. We don’t have to submit to the inheritance from those who tarnish the very ideal of Exceptionalism — being special, not superior.

Our real power on earth is gathering together for peace and harmony, regardless of skin color, heritage, gender, sexual preference or political persuasion. However, truth can dissipate in the creation of discriminatory labels that taint all of us with lies of convenience, told by the few, but once accepted, redefining the core of too many.

Painful truth: our Constitution allows slavery in the form of mass incarceration, gender inequality and the income disparity of prison labor on the public tab benefiting private enterprise.

Unlike 1930’s Europe, we needn’t goose step behind the loudest and latest voices. We have the power to make candidates follow our lead, for what the elected crave, even more than Supremes guaranteeing, Citizens United — is our vote.

Imagine escaping bottom line marketing labels, Factory Farms and Lee Atwater’s campaign code words cueing conservatives for Nixon & Reagan racial discrimination, Clinton’s Swat police forces, Bush/Cheney Black Sites, and Guantanamo torturing our souls into GOP’s birther Tea Party bigots, and their Don.

Russian hackers, computer technology and greed are not waiting — only transitioning, while we’re still arguing over emails and which came first, trumped conservative chickens or the egg laid by the FBI.

We can make prisons, to go, with Jerry Watson’s American Bail Coalition and Block the Vote with Paul Weyrich — going Right back to the Good Ol’ Days of Donald Trump — or we can vote: Out of Many, One.

The truth that sets us free, stings: Not all of us want equality and justice for all, but Lincoln’s new birth of freedom affirms, voting of, by and for all the people, is both individual privilege and national responsibility — if we can keep it.

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