Gun Control: How We Can Apply Pressure and Make Congress Listen and Act

We all know that the Activism displayed by Democratic Congress members in recent days is historic. The Senate filibuster was dramatic, riveting, and honorable. The Sit-In protest in the House was captivating and energizing. Yes! This time Democrats mean business and many will be watching. The needle will be moved forward!

All this activity on the issue of gun violence has excited protesters and re-ignited energy for the fight against gun violence. The latest skirmish centered around two basic and uncontroversial components of gun control—a comprehensive terrorist watchlist, and background checks. Both of these measures are popular with American voters. Democratic Congressional Members say that more than 90% of our bipartisan electorate favor action on these two pieces of common sense legislation.


Because of widespread support Screenshot_2016-06-25-15-55-36nationwide, Democrat congressional Leaders made these issues (the comprehensive terrorist watch list and background checks) politically easy for Republicans in Congress to support and still save face. The Terrorism band–aid policy i.e. no fly no buy, was promoted mostly to add validity to Republican concerns. It was an easy compromise for Democrats. It is a Common Sense policy that improves security by closing a gaping loophole. However, the childish behavior displayed by Speaker Ryan and the other Republicans during the Democrat’s filibuster, and even worse during the Sit-In, proves that we have to continue to play hardball.

While both no fly no buy and background check legislation are equally important, it is specifically background check legislation that really captures the attention of the fed-up electorate.

Gun control activists I have heard from, and the majority of Americans polled, put background checks at the top of the list of priorities. Background checks are seen as the common sense place to begin to control gun policy!

The activist group “Everytown for Gun Safety” spotlights Senator Chris Murphy’s Amendment by emphasizing that said amendment #4760 was designed to ensure guns were kept from criminals, requiring blanket background checks on gun sales. It would shut loopholes in existing law, with just a few exceptions. These changes go a long way for safety. Everytown’s information shows that this type of law in the states that have already enacted them, have some 46% less women shot by their intimate partners and 48% fewer suicides by gun.

Even though Democrats in both the Senate and the House attempted to work with their Republican colleagues, regular procedure did not work. Republicans dug in deep and thwarted any attempt to let Democrats have votes on any and all proposed gun laws. The result was that Democrats were compelled to act with immediacy. They listened to the American people and made history with an exciting filibuster in the Senate run by Senator Chris Murphy, along with a heroic sit in, captained by Representative John Lewis leading the drama on the floor—literally (they were sitting on the House floor!).

Now that a few days have passed, we cannot squander these advancements. Though we may not have secured all the votes needed, significant progress has been achieved. What we need now is to keep the momentum going strong!

Results occur because of real action. We need to maintain the pressure; make sure Republicans in Congress continue to hear our loud voices and feel the pressure of the majority.

Sign the Petition below. It gets taken seriously when it has 100,000 signatures. Let’s double that!

Don’t worry, we’ll change the petition so it gets to Senator Mitch McConnell and now Speaker Paul Ryan. It is up to us. We have 67,122 signatures. Let’s try and get this to a healthy 200,000 and I guarantee we will not be ignored. Add your name so we can make a huge difference, and save countless lives. #SignAndShare..

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