Hating Christians Abiding in Trump Ghettos as Refugees

1513: With or without metal codpiece, Ponce de Leon discovers future home of thongs.

2005: Pope John Paul II, on the wings of arguably the largest funeral ever, returns home.

2016: More than half of American population suffers the slings and arrows of outrageous income disparity, second class citizenship and Constitutional inequity.

In other words, no penis equals diminished returns on education investment, Glass Ceiling limitations on The Rainmaker’s reign, and, as for your body – public domain property.

Add a dash of color and reap the rewards of gender gap, risk of rape and small checks and balances, on steroids.

Finally, for lessons in Christian hypocrisy, political expediency and Red State denial of marital bliss, take your choice of LGBT.

Using the Bible to disrespect any American, damages personal pride, international reputation as Justice for All beacon and national honor. For better or worse, like virginity, honor is lost when suits ignore female protestations or challenges, choosing to standby rather than stand up for better half.

Honoring equal economic opportunity and income parity is not only an Olympian issue. It is the cornerstone of our global definition, national proclamations and raison d’etre — unless we elect to declare our Bill of Rights, a sovereign moral compass, that excludes all but straight, paleface males.

To embrace an America of financial elites astride the backs of both working sexes, is choosing mob-rule over reason, chaos over our Democratic Republic and the dishonor of mass treason against all Lincoln and hundreds of thousands fought and died to preserve.

We are either the trumped America of a forgotten Tea Party, hooded KKK and caste system of haters hating diversity of race, creed and lifestyle, or we are a national work-in-progress striving to move forward after a calamitous trickle-down banker induced recession – recapturing its center in the courage of United We Stand.

When peace like a river attends The American Way, The American Dream blooms with the promise of faith and potential of science. However, when on Prom Night, we elect to roll over and expose our Declaration of Independence to Corporatism’s Citizens United tool, we carry to term collateralized debt obligations, gender Apartheid — and forgetting earth and our habitable time upon it aren’t inexhaustible — both natural resources and we hold these truths to be self-evident, extinction.

Historically, when failing to be first responders to love thy neighbor as thyself, we’ve become vulnerable to both the lowest domestic common denominator and most violent foreign threat.

For example, for our Antebellum South to thrive, it sustained itself on a foundation of inhumane servitude: enslaved men, women and children.

Native Americans had to be humiliated on a Trail of Tears to guarantee the survival of an Andrew Jackson presidency and ultimately, the sanctity of The Mason–Dixon line.

In the 21st century, Goldman Sachs, J. P. Morgan Chase, ISDA Agreements, Corporatism’s Pharmaceutical, Tobacco, Food conglomerates & Oil Company boards — and political puppets prostituting, the South Shall Rise Again — might require a 21st century Abraham pleading to a God to save us from demi-gods of, by and for The Street.

However, hope is still America’s bottom-line, for even in the midst of Sodom and Gomorrah, The Great Depression, The Cold War, Cuban Missile Crisis and Bush/Cheney oil wars induced Recession, we have reaped rewards from investing in women and men of honor, integrity and character.

While there is little honor in Chicago murder rates, border walls, mass-incarcerations or Loudoun County CIA use of school buses, our national character, like American female soccer players, is a rapid response team, to any individual invitation for liberty and justice for all.

Consider this, emulating Good Samaritans like Jacob Grant, Richmond’s Chad Dermyer and the call to action of The United States Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT), on and off the field, is America’s best family value.

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