Hey Blue People! Get Off the Freaking Floor and Quit Whining

That’s right, I said it. I dragged my gobsmacked walloped backside up off the floor and now it’s your turn. We lost. We are angry. We are hurt. We can’t seem to get enough air. But if we begin to act like Republicans, we are no better than them. We have listened to them whine for 18 months and now we are doing it ourselves. We have tons of work to do to stop these lunatics and save our country from their radicalism and we can’t do that if we are wallowing in self-pity. Our energy will be desperately needed for things that make a real difference very soon and we need to get ready for what is coming, not what has passed.

We have to stop now. I want a miracle more than most because my life actually depends upon it, but I will not spread hate, or anger or add to their ammunition against us. There are waaaaaay more of us in this country than them. Peaceful protests to show our disgust was fine, but rioting is wrong no matter who does it. Being a Blue Person does not give us a pass to act like them. Screaming for his impeachment, ginning up fake stories, posting rants, or trying to turn the electoral college (oh that I wish that was possible) makes us feel better in the moment but it won’t help us in what really matters. And this really matters.

We have to own this. We have to accept that we never saw it coming. We have to accept that contrary to the Supreme Court edicts of the last 8 years, racism, sexism, voter intimidation and deep seated hate are alive and well. We didn’t show up when it mattered – and we knew it mattered. If we don’t show up we can’t gripe. If we didn’t vote for Hillary, we voted for Trump. Those were the only choices. I am sure that Nader and Johnson will have a lot to talk about and Gore can probably help Clinton through those first 100 days of realizing we did it to ourselves again.

We were outraged when Republicans were calling for Clinton’s impeachment before she was even elected. We must be just as outraged when our side calls for Trump’s impeachment before he has committed an impeachable crime. If Republicans can impeach a President for a blow job, I am sure Trump will give us plenty of real reasons in the coming 4 years and THEN we can work tirelessly to make that happen. Calling for it now just makes us sore losers and stupid. Right now, if Trump gave the Statue of Liberty to Putin as a gift for helping him in the election, Republicans and the media would say he was reaching out for our international efforts.
HRC did nothing wrong and Lord knows she couldn’t to anything right. Bernie would not have made a difference and his defeat would have destroyed the dreams of our young people. Elizabeth Warren would not have made a difference. Showing up and voting was the only thing that would have made a difference – and we failed to do that. The 90,000 blank ballots in MI would have made a difference. The 49.6% of Americans that stayed home would have made a difference. But we didn’t show up and now we must own that and figure out what the hell we do now.
Miracles do happen, but us folks on the Left don’t pay attention to them. We pummel our own for their imperfections. Republicans never do that no matter how awful their candidates are. They got Bush, Trump and Rick Scott elected while we were fighting over HRC’s choice of pantsuit color and opining about all the red herrings the REPUBLICAN media threw at us. And we do it every time.

I know in my heart something happened to the vote in MI, PA,WI and OH because I know those states I know it as surely as I am still breathing, but even if someone could show that Trump was in league with Putin and we could prove Putin actually interfered in the election and Trump knew it he would still be our President elect.

Trump will affect the world and our allies and our reputation and our economy and our standing in the world including forcing us to have to repay all the countries WE owe money too since we can no longer be trusted. We just dropped from a perfect credit score to homeless and bankrupt status. That will affect US as a nation, but not us directly as average citizens. Just as Obama was not responsible for all the nonsense they blamed him for the same will be true of Trump.
The Republican Congress is, and has been, where all the ills and frustrations of our country come from. This election has empowered them in ways that are going to horrify us on a personal level. As our parents and grandparents lose Social Security. When they begin dying because Medicare is gone and an asthmatic child dies because his health insurance was cancelled. When our schools close or we can’t afford the tuition and our institutions fall. When the economy slides back into recession and depression and the banks and Wall Street are set free from their regulatory bonds to play craps with our pensions and our homes again. When we begin to hear the crying and screaming of our neighbors as their families are ripped apart, and hate crimes against our friends and family and co-workers happen right in front of us, and terrorism becomes real instead of only feared, it will be crystal clear that it was Republicans. So stop whining.
Now they won’t have a black man, a woman or a Clinton to blame and hide behind for their behavior and their destruction. It will be like the kid who lies and blames the smart kid, or the minority kid, or the girl, and we believe him time after time, until there is no one left to blame.
Blue People have always known this but we could not stop it. So now, the Universe has intervened just like it has in all the dark times in human history. If we don’t learn the lesson the easy way, the Universe will provide a teacher. We have a teacher and we have his academy. Voldemort is alive and well and his death eaters have taken over the world. We knew he was coming but denial is easier than facing scary things. Until that scary thing is in your living room. Insulting them with our righteous indignation, stomping our feet, claiming “he is not my President” is not going to make the slightest difference except to make us more like them
What we CANNOT do is use Republican tactics to prove we are a better choice.
What we CANNOT do is become the hypocrites they are.
When they go low, we must go high. When they cheat we must use honor and integrity and truth, not rhetoric and idiocy. When they begin the attacks on our neighbors and friends and our values, we must reserve our strength for those fights and stand up for the victims and show the world what being a real American looks like. Rioting in the streets takes away our strength our power and our message. We were willing to stand with Her to bring America together, now we must be willing to stand for her to make it happen.
Americans are always at their best when things are at their worst. Remember that and don’t fall into the trap of name calling and false rumors and hate and anger and media drivel. That is not who we are and if we allow them to turn us into them we are all lost.
We are spiritual warriors on many levels from our day to day lives, to our hearts, our overwhelming kindness, our compassion for those less fortunate, and our vision for this country we all serve in our own way. Now is the time to AFFIRM who WE are so that WE can be the lights so many of our fellow humans are going to need just to keep going. We allowed hate to build a gauntlet that we must now pass through. We built it for ourselves – no one did this to us. WE need to remember who and what WE are so that others will never forget and WE must go high, not low, to achieve that.
So get off the floor. Take a deep, slow, painful breath and brush off the pain, pass the Kleenex and grab a safety pin. America needs you. The planet needs you. Our children need you. We need each other and we need all of that right now.

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