Hillary Clinton Seeks Progressive Running Mate

As the Democratic primary draws to a close, Hillary Clinton is moving forward toward the Democratic nomination and narrowing down her list for a running mate for November.

One thing is for sure: Clinton will be looking for someone who is seen as progressive enough to unite the party and appeal to the crowd of supporters that Bernie Sanders has drawn into the process during this race.

It looks as if there is a list of five candidates that are in strong consideration at this point:

• Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA)
• Sen. Sherrod Brown (OH)
• Sen. Tim Kaine (VA)
• John Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado
• Thomas Perez, Secretary of Labor

The Clinton camp doesn’t seem shy about their strategy in picking a V.P. candidate. Kaine, Hickenlooper and Brown are each from key swing states, which would help Clinton a great deal to lock those states down for November.

Hickenlooper could be great to lock down Colorado, a necessary state in the general for Clinton. Kaine wouldn’t likely appeal to the more progressive base of the party, as he is very much in line with Clinton on most issues. Brown, however, is much more of the populist, progressive candidate who could be seen as a step forward.

If not Sanders himself, there is one other candidate to consider if Clinton wants to show that she is willing to reach out and embrace the younger crowd shifting to the left, and that is Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Most of the base is familiar with her and her work in the Senate, and seem like they would be receptive to a Clinton/Warren ticket.

Perez brings experience to the table as Labor Secretary under Barack Obama and would help to bring in more of the Hispanic and Latino vote to the Democrats, as if Donald Trump hasn’t helped with that enough already.

Of these potential picks, the one to appeal to the Sanders base best is undoubtedly Elizabeth Warren. If not Warren, Brown could be a necessary progressive voice on the ticket to ease some of the concerns of Sanders’ crowd. However, either of these options would leave a Republican Governor to fill their seat in the Senate.

Many say that regardless of who is chosen for V.P., some of these names will likely be brought back up in discussions for possible cabinet positions in the future.

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