It’s Hillary in a landslide, actually

Hillary Clinton won the election last week by a landslide. How do we know? Let’s just review some of the rampant voter suppression that went on in many states Of the 12 states considered up for grabs in 2016, fourVirginia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Ohiohave passed onerous new voter suppression laws, which disproportionately affect communities of color and other Democratic constituencies. For example, in North Carolina, the Republican-controlled legislature and Republican governor eliminated early voting days. In 2012, 900,000 voters cast their ballots during the early voting window. In 2016, that number was zero.

In Maricopa County, Arizona, the number of voting machines was reduced to roughly one voting machine per twenty thousand people.

How did this happen? The Republicans were successful in this effort because this was the first presidential election since the Supreme Court voided the Voting Rights Act. You no longer actually have a right to vote, according to the Scalia court.

And you will note that these efforts at keeping Americans from voting always come from the Right. That’s because they have nothing else. They have no agenda to attract your vote. In fact, with the behavior of Donald Trump on the campaign trail–before he was not elected, I repeat–we know exactly what the Republicans are selling. Even though we are not in the market for racism, homophobia, institutional corruption and the looting of the Treasury for private interests, that is what they are trying to foist off on us right now, this minute, while they try to cling to the non-existent victory they are claiming.

But they are wrong and we know it. Despite their worst efforts–and they were bad–Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Now let’s imagine what her margin of victory would have been if the election had been conducted honestly, especially by the Republican political machines in many of our states? She won by a landslide, except that the votes were not counted, they were suppressed, they were stolen, the voting machines were tampered with, and more. If the Republicans get to steal this election the American people deserve Trump.

I can think of no better reason to turn to the Electoral College to right this colossal wrong that has been done to you and me. The Electoral College is supposed to prevail when there is a need to correct a bad election. Well, there isn’t much left to the imagination with the reaction of the rest of the world to Trump’s false victory. When bad practices influence the vote unduly, the Electoral College is supposed to step in. After all the years since 2000, the Republican Party thinks that they can steal another election–and they are doing so, right now, in your face. It is absolutely the duty of the Electoral College to intervene in election stealing!

And if the America people sit idly by and file their nails while the Republicans re-enact the election of 2000, you will have to get used to living in an autocracy. We will have Lords and Serfs–and we will be the Serfs. In the autocracy, some people are entitled to education; others are not. Some people live decently, have money and enjoy technology; others do not. Really, do you want to raise children in this “new normal?”

If you don’t mind after all, there is nothing more to do or say except wait. We will see if the popular victory of Hillary Clinton sways the outcome of this election after all is said and done. At any rate, it’s all I have to say about it.

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