Hillary Rodham Clinton was just elected president

Yesterday it came out that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in the 2016 election this past Tuesday. Like Al Gore before her, she was the people’s choice, which is why I say she won the election. And like the election of 2000, the Republicans are in the process of stealing this election, and this must not be allowed to happen.

The huge impact of Donald Trump’s non-victory sent the American economy reeling as the stock market plunged and people hit the streets in protest. But this is all meaningless unless the Republican Party is restrained from stealing the election away from Hillary Clinton–who won.

There is one gigantic issue here besides the outcome of the election: it is the American system of elections. We have such a thing as an Electoral College and their job, supposedly, is to sort out the voting results and make the final decision about who will be the next president, abiding by the wishes of the people. But this fact has not bothered the Republicans heretofore.

The votes in the state of Florida were not even counted in 2000! The Electoral College had no say in the appointment of George W. Bush by the Supreme Court. Don’t you think it is ridiculous, now, for anyone on the conservative side to say that Trump won the election because they disenfranchised thousands of voters and tampered with thousands of voting machines to get the result they wanted?

Since when do Republicans elect presidents while the rest of us stand by, complaining? Since when do they own the Supreme Court, to decide its fate no matter what the Constitution says–and it says, by the way, that we have three branches of government. Legislative, Executive and the Judicial branches of government are co-equal under the Constitution. But even that does not mean that the same Constitution allows for the Supreme Court to appoint the president.

This has to stop right now, today. The Democratic Party and the people of America must stop the Republicans from railroading us into something like a new Reich that will destroy our country. Hillary Rodham Clinton won the election. The American people chose her for their president.

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