Republicans hoist with their own petard–wait, what?

It does appear to those of us who are not Republicans, that they no longer really know the difference between truth and lie. No one has helped them to deal with this situation, especially the corporate media that makes no distinction between fake news and real news. Anybody can set anything in motion, until as we saw last week someone goes over the deep end and shoots up a pizza parlor. What made this individual think that the fake story was true–the idea of child trafficking by Hillary Clinton out of the back of a pizza restaurant does seem ridiculous, right?

Well, yes and no. We have all been reading the slander and calumny about the Clintons ever since the right-wing conspiracy theorists began using the likes of Fox News. The theory was that anything that denigrated the Clintons was all for the cause of the permanent Republican majority. The end justified the means

That permanent majority has been tearing along like a juggernaut for years now, but apparently there was a factor in their plans that no one foresaw. What if they couldn’t get a candidate that they could run like Ronald Reagan? He was such a good actor that he could smile with all his charm to the cameras and then set about gutting the social support of millions of Americans. Well, he did what he was told, just like today’s Republicans have their orders.

Now the Republican election-enforcing machine has catapulted Donald Trump into the White House with their time-honored tactics of election fraud and voter suppression. They have what they wanted. The Republican “won” and if they had any kind of a qualified, prepared candidate they could carry on from here.

But what they have actually pushed into office is a loose cannon who is so ignorant that he is already acting like he is president, conducting disastrous foreign policy that he cannot legally do, and threatening unconstitutional retaliation against perceived political enemies. His cabinet of deplorables are so devoid of morality that they don’t waste their time worrying about right and wrong, legal or illegal. I mean, these people bought and paid for Congress–who is now going to say them nay?

In Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, the lead character turns a plot against him to his advantage. Contemporary audiences must have been struck by Shakespeare’s turn of phrase, because it soon became a commonplace expression in 17th-Century English, and it is still in use today. So the phrase, “hoist with his own petard” means “to be blown up with his own bomb.” To say that the Republicans have been blown up by their own bomb is only one way of describing the delicious poetic justice that is about to fall on them.

As the American people are rising up against Trump’s illegitimate presidency, the Republicans have fallen into the trap of hanging tough and bulling through the situation, their classic strategy after they commit crimes. I feel safe in saying that they have never made a worse mistake. They were blasted by the Twittersphere for likening Trump to a king and to Jesus, for which they will be shamed for as long as our civilization lasts. They were focused on only one thing for years–get the Republican elected at all costs. Now they have gotten the Republican From Fell elected. The Trump administration is going to be a lot more tragi-comic than any of us can now predict, but the unfolding of this drama will be terrific. It will also be far more amusing than we could have guessed, once the American people begin treating Trump the way the Republicans treated President Obama. And that can’t come soon enough for me.

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