How Does One Vote For Donald Trump?

How does one cast their vote for Donald Trump? I ask because I honestly don’t know the answer.

What sort of person looks at their reflection in the mirror and says: “Yep, you’re a Donald Trump supporter?” Would this person be classified as a racist? How about a misogynist, or a xenophobe? Try a homophobe, a lover of Putin or a Muslim-hater?

And yet, the people who support him, these are the people who call themselves the Real Americans — “Patriots” I believe is the word they love to bandy about. These are the folks who love their Constitution, especially the First and Second Amendments. Folks who believe America is a Christian nation whose laws should be based on the Christian faith; even though we are a nation of many faiths.

But Donald Trump cares little for Bible verses. He cares little for anything, except Donald Trump. He doesn’t care about these Bible-touting, gun-slinging folks. He doesn’t care about these angry, young rednecks. He doesn’t care about single mothers, or the unemployed, or the retired, or the Veterans. He simply wants their votes so he can be President. Do these “Patriots” not understand this, or are their lives so bad and they are so filled with hate that they simply do not care?

How does one support a man like Donald Trump? A man who knows nothing of politics; nothing about governing; nothing of kindness and compassion; nothing of compromise; nothing of listening; nothing of finesse; nothing of decorum? A man who flies by the seat of his pants is not the sort of man I would want in the oval office, and I certainly don’t want him anywhere near the military man who carries the “football” with all the nuclear codes.

You can read some of Donald Trumps greatest quotes here:

I was raised in a small town in a family where you questioned nothing. It was a Republican town, with lots of churches and big families, and I was taught from a young age, that I voted for the person with the “R” behind their name. I was led to believe that these were the people who had my best interest at heart, these were the people who would keep America great. When I was finally old enough to vote, I cast my first vote for Richard Nixon. After that whole mess; I went quietly and secretly, and changed my voter registration to the big “D.”

I learned that I needed to educate myself on the candidates. To read and research and listen to not only what they were saying, but how they were saying it. I’m one of those who believe that voting isn’t just my right, it’s my responsibility; and I don’t take that responsibility lightly. I’m not saying you have to be a Democrat to be a responsible citizen; I’m saying you need to listen and read and then vote your conscience. Your vote is your voice.

Recently, I was told I needed to cast my vote for the person I believed was best for the Country. The person I believed would do what was right and just for the Country; Country matters more than anything, I was told.

Okay; If one believes that, how does one cast their vote for Donald Trump?


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