How Does Trump make USA Secure – Let Us Count the Ways

  • One – showing us that real backbone is dodging questions, like — where are the children:

Otherwise we might be forced to consider obeying the LBJ’s 1965, Hart-Celler Act.

  • Two – demonstrating for our emulation, the depths to which facts can be directed for prophylactic protection from the contagion, mistakes were made:

Our theatrical 45th staged a cast, understandably devastated by renewed emotional recall ripping open wounds that can never heal, to assuage us with the glaze of abused executive privilege to overlook mass kidnapping of minor aged children from their brown parents.

Now, the mission, should we choose to accept, is tottering at the precipice of inglorious mythical racial superiority over our, little brown brothers – and be welcome mats for Alito’s stain – the pinnacle of religious hypocrisy, political expediency and a rerun of Europe’s darkest self-delusion, we didn’t know.

Ignorance is bliss but no supreme excuse, for wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction.

  • Three – declaring America will enjoy greater border security by engaging in less time-consuming need for judges and other irritating legalities:

But what about Texas locals’ TV interviews regarding migrant deaths on their lands insisting, the law is the law?  Shall we then live what we profess?  Nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty or property without Due Process of law… granting any person within its Jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws — The 14th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

  • Four – emblazoning tower isolationism power, branding us as band of bans fomenting fantasies about eight is enough for G-7:

Just as most were becoming more united and confident in the post, trust but verify defrost, America First unnecessarily exasperated beneficial coexistence.

Tribalism flip-flopping our Monroe Doctrine to keep foreign invaders, like Russia, out of Cuba and our elections, into Star Wars’ distractions featuring, Trump Terror Taxes:  Tariffs declaring Trade Wars, that plummet stocks, plunder American prosperity, particularly for farmers, small businesses and manufacturers of steel and other essentials for American life — we propel #MadeInAmerica jobs, like we repel dirt-poor refugees seeking asylum, dirt-biking back to where they came from — immediately without any judicial process, judges or court cases.

  • Five – masterfully merging our Homeland Security with the morally bankrupt Republican Party’s former favorite foreign enemy:

America is defined by how Americans treat, the lest of these our brethren — many escaping terrorists’ acts we can’t imagine.  Not, paying it forward, encourages settling for elected avarice diminishing our pledge of allegiance to a child’s quality of life.

Are we willing to become immigrant descendants terrorizing refugees, because, though arriving after Native Americans, we were lucky enough to arrive before the Trump/Sessions Zero Tolerance, ordered our Pentagon to transform military bases into multiple homeland Guantanamo duplications?

  • Six – improving our short-sighted narrow states of intolerance for differences with, good people on both sides:

Among other things, inciting unacceptable restaurant behavior unbecoming all-inclusive Liberal Justice for All thinking that, Everybody’s got a right to liveEven Trump accomplices have the right to dine in peace after a long hard day of inefficiency and dishonesty.  Either Democrats honor this or mimicking those who terrorize humans of a tender age – be clones of SCOTUS five, approving Trump’s Bans on human decency.

Beware Judiciary, Shakespeare’s famous plotter of treachery warned, the surest way to chaos and tyranny is to remove the guardians of independent thinking.

Truthfully, foreign terrorism comes more from radicalized ISIS sympathizers, as our domestic terrorism is more an ICE invasion ordered by an anti-America infested Administration, than huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

America the Beautiful, our Democratic Republic, if we can keep it, will survive this supremely aided Trump/Pence pit, to the degree We the People erase hate as our M. O.

Home is not the soil of geography, and a fulfilled American Dream exceeds even our exceptional one person one vote legacy — because for Americans who have surpassed, separate but unequal, our Home of the Brave remains less a GOP tent and more a democratic refuge, both recapturing and radiating the hope of America, to terrified children weeping at our feet.


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