How January Caricatures Determine November Character

If we are to maintain a, home of the brave enough to sustain all life in America, regardless of political persuasion, sexual preference, gender or skin pigmentation, unlike Senate Republicans, we’ll need to heed the Senate’s 30 January 2020 opening prayer – or forever ban words like Christian and united, assumptions like, Justice for All or making one person one vote a slam dunk for equal individual freedom:

Let us Pray.  Eternal Lord God send your Holy Spirit into this chamber.  Permit our Senators to feel your presence during this impeachment trial.

Illuminate their minds with the light of your wisdom:  exposing truth and resolving uncertainties.  May they understand that you created them with cognitive capabilities and moral discernment to be used for your glory.

Grant that they will comprehend what really matters, separating the relevant from the irrelevant. 

Lord keep them from fear as they believe that your truth will triumph through them.

Eliminate discordant static with the music of your wisdom. 

We pray in your great name.  Amen

Well, if Alan Dershowitz’s president believes Rick Scott is acting in the country’s best interest, post Ukraine exposure, then why not a wannabe 2000 throwback, aiding and abetting a morally impoverished POTUS drowning in the misery of democratic numbers – but where is an, In-Kind FEC when America needs it?

Through parents, teachers and life, most Americans have experienced many of the comedies, mysteries and tragedies that mold America:  a malleable ball of clay that keeps on bouncing, though not always forward, consistent or without taking a timeout.

Sometimes America makes the shot, like Eleanor Roosevelt’s successful interception from Constitution Hall passing the ball to the Lincoln Memorial where Marion Anderson hit it out of the park.

Sometimes Americans, remembering well our Founding Fathers’ training, have teamed up, particularly after a day of infamy, to liberate those who are most fouled in war and peace, and who, like descendants of American slavery, must never allow any of us to forget – including America’s Archivists refusing to certify the Constitutional implementation of a ratified Equal Rights Amendment.

Two American tragedies:  22 November 1963 and 11 September 2001, the former flopping Camelot vision into 24/7 talking heads, and the latter, post free throw foghorn and America’s Mayor fouled proving American tragedy was often manipulated into the horror of, war for profit, on the backs of innocent patriots still charging the goal post of honest hard work, expecting to score what was promised:  a new deal.

Before McConnell’s Senate no witnesses vote, we dreamed, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.  Doughboys and GI Joes balanced two World Wars like Samson’s temple pillars, so Caucasian men could recapture the American Dream, until a foggy bottom conjured blood red seas potential in cold war.

Following a 1950 H-Bomb, how could players imagine a 1929 first cry was the clarion call of a king – warning any pool, school, society, government or geography closed to, all of God’s children, would be overcome by non-violence on the field.

It was less a contest contesting playing it too safe, and more our inner coach coaching against further, timeouts.  Humanitarian teams are still entering the arena, continuing to play for blind justice, seizing the torch of remembered stars to defeat discrimination on all its systemic platforms, courageously advancing into the unknown to master demons within and without.

However, focus overly pitched by devices robs consideration of the power of words, deflating teamwork like an altered game ball, until we succumb to the very contriver’s contrivance we’re cheering on, enabling a simple, Axis of Evil to be objectified with the oversimplified.

Of course, January is not America’s only democratic obstruction, but when 2009’s Miracle on the Hudson resurfaced our Good Samaritan memories, until 20 January 2017, and baseball conservatives needing a straight shooting African-American Lesbian.  Seeing beyond their votes against her to a globetrotting Women’s March, she levelled the playing field, driving our male-dominated roller-coaster toward Virginia’s ratification of, the Equal Rights amendment.

Inhaling January’s Emancipation Proclamation and Ellis Island opening, then exhaling Trump’s 2020 Articles of Impeachment – may we yet distinguish between champions and charlatans, and in November, pass along a received assist, and united in full court press, render McConnell’s January GOP offensive, a total turnaround!

Yet, even when we rise to full democratic height, assured in, united we stand, dribbling through celestial stars, to steal one turnover for the fabric to which we pledge our allegiance – remember the universe slaps down arrogance on purpose.

Alarmed by the shot clock, unable to absorb loss, we turn too late to see what still could be.

Before dreams scrubbed with tears, dissolve into memories of what might have been, let us internalize this wisdom:  not only we, but those we elect, reap what we sow.

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