How much do Republicans want to win this election?

Acting under orders from the wealthy men who bought and paid for them, Republican “elected” officials are making the last big push for fascism before that generation of old white men dies off. So far there has not been a lot of push-back from Americans who don’t like the situation. The lowest common denominator of citizens flocks to the side of Donald Trump, who bullied his way to the nomination. Republicans up and down the status quo are trying to accommodate him; they grew more and more desperate until it seems that there has been a general realization that it is hopeless. “Think of the bunker just before Hitler committed suicide,” read one headline that popped up on my Facebook page.

But what about the push-back? Has America become a nation in which “white privilege” is valued over democracy? Are we willing to let African Americans die in the streets as trigger-happy police officers maraud around looking for violations such as “walking while black?” Literally enjoying privilege over another human being’s dead body?

I would have answered this myself in a ringing negative not long ago. Now, however, I will wait and see what happens in a week. Court cases are pending over Republican disenfranchisement of thousands of registered voters; they must be resolved before the election or any decision will accomplish nothing.

At least we as a nation have been disabused of the notion of a post-racial America. That isn’t happening! Even Democrats have shown racial hostility towards President Obama–not the content of his character, but the color of his skin. In fact, it put Donald Trump where he is today, as the former birther-in-chief.

So will the American people go marchin’ in and put democracy, freedom and equality back in play? What if they don’t, or what if the Republican machine succeeds in stealing another presidential election? Packing our cars and heading for Canada, Mexico or even farther south of the border? How deliciously ironic! I hope the president of Mexico is enjoying every minute of this.

But before you snicker, remember: every Republican senator, congressman and representative has his or her orders. We must not underestimate their intelligence. They recognize the racism, they understand the corruption. But they have their orders. Their IV of donor cash will be yanked out without ceremony if they are perceived to fail.

What Americans must do is vote every last Republican out of office. This includes the one in your district–the one you think you know personally, the exception you want to make because s/he is a nice guy, actually, really. But note: I said you think you know them. You do not. They take orders from ALEC and super-pacs and higher-ups who have a great deal of money to lose. These days it isn’t enough to be a millionaire. You have to keep it coming.

Republicans would step calmly over your dead body in order to get their next campaign donation; unfortunately, so would some Democrats but not as many. They will say anything you want to hear, but they have their orders. Americans will die for lack of health care and American women will die for lack of reproductive health care and birth control because of this. American children are going to bed hungry every night because of this. Families are living in cars because of this–all this because of Republicans. It is the fault of Republicans who ignore their better judgment because they have been told to do so. They are conservatives without conscience, as in the book title from John Dean.

You are a co-conspirator if you vote for a Republican. The abolishment of welfare benefits is hitting the South even more than elsewhere–the South where Trump supporters are traitors to this country. Social Security is in danger because of this. Before you mark your ballot, consider just voting straight-ticket Democrat and making your statement that enough is enough, and far more than enough.

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