How to BE the Resistance!

It’s an old adage, but talk is cheap. I have not written since the election of the tiny fingered orange Russian. I needed perspective. What is that? According to Webster’s, it is “the capacity to view things in their true relation or relative importance”. To myself and most of us, this takes time! We are now less than one month before his inauguration. Enough time has passed.

How did we get here? As in most events there is NO one answer as to how we got here. It is a compilation of factors. Hillary Clinton lost the election for President of the United States of America. Why did she lose is the question rather than “How did she lose?”, although the latter is what most “anti Trump” individuals seem to be positing.

First, she was a flawed candidate and bears most of the blame. She admitted herself that she was not a natural politician. She ran on her resume which was bootstrapped through others as making her more prepared than anyone in our lifetime. She was not and never will be thought that by historians. The first President Bush was much more qualified in both his runs for office than HRC. He lost to Ronald Reagan and to Bill Clinton. Richard Nixon first lost to JFK after being Vice President and then won against George McGovern. He was more qualified as well. You are playing with fire when you make arguments which are not factual.

Other factors are notable for sure. Russians, Wikileaks, Comey and the decline of the independant media. None of this was some sort of big conspiracy. It was just a confluence of factors of her losing what should have been a slam dunk election. But no one should delude themselves that HRC had no part in her loss. She did.

I should also say that I roll my eyes as those who keep saying “Bernie would have won”. It’s over. I admire Bernie greatly but we don’t have time anymore for sad songs. Evan McMullen, the “#NeverTrump” candidate, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein didn’t cost HRC the election. A flawed candidate coupled with numerous intervening factors lost. That’s the bottom line. To me it’s like a relationship that’s over. At some point you have to quit griping about it and move on. That’s where we are now.

I have to ask myself just who is this Trump that’s now a few weeks away from holding the office which has, up to now, been held by the leader of the free world? The Boss, Bruce Springsteen said it best. He is a moron. I don’t think he ever wanted to be President. He just wanted his ego stroked which God Knows has happened. He isn’t qualified in any way shape or form to govern. He hasn’t the intellect, the common sense, or the decency to be an American President, but alas, barring the Second Coming before January 20, he will take the oath of office which to him will mean about as much as a red light does to a drunk driver on New Years Eve. It’s very scary.

Today, as I write this the Dow Jones average is trending down. Wall Street does NOT like uncertainty and they now have tons of it. Israel is once again making a land grab forcing the Palestinians and their Middle Eastern allies into turmoil. The Chinese erected a very funny statue of Trump as a chicken which indicates their displeasure with him. Oh and lets remember that they are the only country that wields any influence over North Korea who is also led by a madman who has a nuclear arsenal. And of course, POTUS sanctioned the orange one’s buddy Putin for trying to manipulate our election. What was Tiny Finger’s response? “Get over it and move on”. I suppose that Neville Chamberlain once made similar comments. I’m not a betting man at all, but it is at least conceivable that the world explodes within 30 days.

Would anyone be shocked if after January 20, Russia invades Ukraine or North Korea invades South Korea or China invades Taiwan or Israel bombs Iran? All that is very foreseeable. And sad. Few people realize that the world has been a time bomb forever, but since World War 2, just the presence of the United States has deterred the crazies out there from much mischief. Our President and diplomats have been able to avoid much more than the public sees or cares about. Those are things written about in History books the deplorables never read. We have elected a man who thinks the United Nations is a “club” that does nothing and that a CEO of a big oil company can be Secretary of State simply because he has worked out some deals overseas.

Like many, I’ve had to ask myself; “What can I do?”. After much thought, my conclusion is that if there was ever a time for a “resistence” and not just a “loyal opposition” this is it. This is not a time for ideological argument. We an talk about Obamacare, Social Security and trade policy another day. The citizens of the United States must retake our democracy. I believe that like minded people are in fact the majority in this country and we can do something about this heresy. It won’t be overnight, but it can and will happen. Else, we will be North Carolina.

First, get the email addresses of every elected official that represents you. Start letting them hear from you on EVERY issue before them. Congress doesn’t read your emails, but they keep count of the yeas and nays on any issue. Let them know your views and keep letting them know. Draft a template of a letter to each elected official and simply fill in your position. Do this every time something comes up.

Run for office yourself. We are working with a two year window before the midterm elections. We must have patriotic candidates running. Don’t worry about filing fees and such. That is what “GOFUNDME” accounts are for. If Bernie Sanders can raise millions with small contributions, you can get the filing fee the same way. Whether its mayor, congressman or congresswoman or dogcatcher, for goodness sakes RUN. We need you. Start NOW. Time is of the essence.

Join the ACLU. The federal courts are our friends and do not fear Trump and his privateers. Federal Court Judges are appointed for life. They can only be removed by impeachment. I practiced law in front of them for 30 years. I found little difference in Republican appointed judges and democratically appointed judges. The vast majority follow the law as it is intended. The ACLU sues to preserve our constitutional rights in Federal Court every day. When Trump and his Commie followers try to take them away, the ACLU will protect us. It costs $35.00 to join. It’s well worth it.

Subscribe to newspapers. We can’t complain about the media not doing their jobs when they are forced into bankruptcy because of social media. Facebook and Twitter aren’t going to do investigative reporting into Trump’s urn of sleaze. And quit watching the Cable News Networks. They are for profit and will cover only what makes them a dollar. Listen to NPR. It may not be around much longer.

Subscribe to podcasts of like minded people. There are some excellent ones out there. We can all spend an hour a day enjoying hearing that we are not alone in our feelings.

Don’t argue with Twitter trolls and the like. They feed on attention and don’t respond to reason. They aren’t worth a cup of warm spit. Without attention they go away.

Support artists and companys that refuse to support Trump. There are many.

These are a few things we can do. It is time to quit talking begin resisting.

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