I’m just #BernedOut

I don’t want to be one of those angry bloggers — You know the in-your-face, you’re an idiot sort of writer. I just want to write what I feel. It’s not an indictment of what you may be feeling, it’s just how I feel. If I happen to not agree with you, it doesn’t mean that I’m right and you’re wrong — again, I’m just writing how I feel.

With that in mind — let me begin.

I’m tired of Bernie Sanders; I want him to go away. Not because I’m a Hillary shill, but because he isn’t a Democrat and he’s doing everything he can to destroy the party. There, I said it. It’s out there.

In the beginning of this whole election debacle, I will admit to having some interest in Bernie Sanders. I read and researched and the more I learned, the more I understood that I would never, ever feel the Bern.

Bernie may be running on the Democratic ticket, but, he is no democrat. He’s been called an Independent, a Democratic Socialist, a Progressive, a Socialist, even a Communist. Call him what you will, the man is no Democrat.

I honestly don’t understand the pull so many have toward him. Some of them believe that free college is their right. They have to know that absolutely nothing in this life comes for free, right?

There are the Bernie shills who are all about what’s in it for me?” It’s all about how to make their life better — no matter the cost. 17 trillion dollars added to the deficit is way too much self-aggrandizing for me. Someone has to pay for their egos. I don’t know why they don’t get that.

And this whole wanting to change the rules of the Primary, really? In the middle of a Primary? Do I believe that things need to change as far as voting? You bet I do. But, Bernie knew the rules when he signed on to run. He knew how things were. If he didn’t understand them, he shouldn’t be running, and even if he didn’t understand, he most certainly shouldn’t be whining, and acting like a petulant little boy when he’s losing.

And speaking of losing. That’s the whole point here. He has lost. It’s over for him. I understand that no one likes to lose, but the better person picks up his toys and goes home when the fight is over. They don’t throw their toys at their opposition and yell foul. They don’t whine and stamp their feet and claim the system is rigged against them, when they signed on to follow the rules of the system.

I’m a grown woman , 63 years old to be exact. I don’t appreciate bullies trying to explain to me that not feeling the Bern makes me part of the establishment. Like being part of the establishment is a bad thing, and I’m tired of having my generation, you know,the baby boomers being blamed for all that is wrong in the world.

They do know that Bernie is also part of the establishment, as he’s been in politics forever. And he may not have voted for the war, but he voted to fund it, which is like voting for it. And these Bernie bots do know he’s even older than we evil boomers, right?

So what does that make him? Young for his age?

I’m just #BernedOut.

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