The Most Important Message from the Republican Convention

The speakers said it over and over: the most important message expressed at the Republican Convention. The more angry and resentful the speaker was, the more likely he was to spit out this message. What was it? The people of America are fed up. A female speaker also put it this way: “The American people have had it.”

And what are the American people fed up with? If you watched the convention on an irregular basis, you may have come to wonder what this is all about. Well, it is about disenfranchisement. It is about the fury of American people at the collapse of the middle class (although they may not phrase it that way), and about the failing systems of education and economy. But where do we lay the blame for this? There was a determined attempt through the whole convention to blame Hillary Clinton for it. Failing Clinton, it had to be President Obama’s fault. Failing that, it was the fault of everyone calling him/herself a Democrat. Don’t you dare try to hint around that the Republicans crashed the economy, shut down the government (twice) and are still stripping the money out of the United States Treasury by converting it to tax refunds.

The ten thousand-or-so people watching the Republican convention (a very low number for an audience) do not know what happened to cause these things. And it isn’t their fault; they have been fed a diet of lies by the corporate media, led by Fox News, since Rush Limbaugh thought he was going to lead the veto movement against the election of Bill Clinton. The media exploded in a staggering display of racism when anybody daring to call himself Barack Obama was elected fair and square, by millions of votes, to the Presidency of our nation. It was simply too much for the establishment.

The Republican Party, led by Mitch McConnell, resorted to treason while the media took care of the sedition. The Republican Party declined into an insurrectionary hate group and the media lost all control of its talking heads, until there was complete chaos and reality did not enter into it. Americans died because of this conduct. It is no wonder that many average Americans quit watching the media, principally Limbaugh and Fox News, even though that fact is not exactly well known.

The Republicans are now reaping what they have been sowing since Reaganomics set into the party. It was Ronald Reagan who signed a bill authorizing the taxation of Social Security income, and it has been downhill from there. Trickle-down economics turned out to trickle up – from the poor to the rich in the form of tax cuts.

Decreasing revenue forced increasing levels of financial “austerity,” while education funds were cut. Social programs were cut. The Congress fought health care tooth and nail, in spite of the fact that single-payer or “Medicare for all” would save money. It was not a matter of truth and lies. It was simply a matter of finding excuses every election cycle to keep robbing the poor to pay the rich.

So we are pretty much there now. There isn’t much left to steal, although there is no doubt that the attempts will continue, especially if the Democrats take the White House in November. It will be the last frantic smash and grab, unless somehow the Republicans hold their power.

What it reminds me of is an intense Hollywood drama, a murder story of course. The main character is always a person who rampages through his or her life, strewing hurt feelings and bad conduct about. Finally someone “has had it” and they kill him or her. Finding the killer provides the plot for the rest of the drama. And I keep thinking that if Mr. or Ms. Victim had just caught on a little earlier, and backed down, had made amends, there would not have been a killing (and hey, no movie). The Republicans have put them in the last-ditch position right now.

Yes, the American people are fed up – fed up with their inferior school system, fed up with self-appointed saviors preaching to them, fed up with hate being preached from pulpits every Sunday and on the floor of the Republican convention. They are fed up with their withered lives, their collapsing neighborhoods – in short, as soon as they discover that all this was given to them by Republicans, there will be hell to pay.

Today’s Republican party moderates worry that this could be the end of the GOP as we know it; I believe it could be the catalyst for the split from Republicans and the new party of extremists, who have not yet chosen their name. But they have chosen their positions: you can read them in the Republican Party platform, and don’t take Ivanka Trump’s word for their principles – she was a Democrat until just a few months ago. Someone remarked that she was speaking at the wrong convention last night, and I agree. She seemed sincere when she challenged us to judge her father by his performance, but I don’t even know where to start with that.

Meanwhile, the American people have had it. They are going to learn who gave them this shabby treatment. The Democratic Convention is next week.

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