Is the Independence We Celebrate, Freedom and Justice for All?

We’ve come a long way since Susan B. Anthony, Lincoln Memorial’s Marion Anderson, Playboy Bunnies and Equal Pay Act — with women committed to the moral, political and racial good fight — all the way to a presumptive Mrs. nominee running for the male office of U. S. President against a misogynous racist, while under investigation by the FBI.

America has always been the land of opportunity for Mad Men selling out consumers, habitually lost in sports TV, Man Caves and size matters sexretaries. In 2016, it’s clear the pedestals upon which Robber Barons placed 19th century women equate perfectly to 21st century prison cages.

To the degree we help others, we untangle our roots in Native American annihilation, class systems, enslavement, second class citizenship for immigrants and women, underpaid assembly lines, token voting privileges and student loan debt — but still celebrate 240 years of Independence for almost half of America’s population.

Has our American Dream been stolen by greed for more, by the few, or have the masses forgotten, without America the Beautiful for all, there can be no national potency for any, save those with a pink penis.

When minorities are majorities, Of Thee I Sing will have finally become, The Home of the Brave!

Our common ground Independence is only solid rock on which to stand until, with civility and common sense, it’s melted away by denial, mob-rule and unhealthy eating habits.

Oh Say Can You See connection between: eating disorders, self-inflicted cuts, rising depression rates, income disparity, constitutional gender inequality, inequitable healthcare, denial of maternity leave, declining health benefits from those who prosper from our labor, and failing to grasp, while all Americans are contributing resources, unlike land, humans are not to be owned.

If meme devices prevent vision beyond tiny screens, thumbing rapid rabid texts of vapid updates, we self-disappear, dissolve thinking for ourselves and drown in the marketing abyss of targeted media floods draining intellect, reasoning and even curiosity — What Then?

What happens when there is unlimited biased content flowing throughout global cyberspace with fewer regulations guaranteeing the truth of what is streaming on our Android, iPod, iPad, Smart Phone, laptop, and Television?

Will the rockets still red glare?

Those of us who fight for equality do not profess that any gender, race, political party or sexual preference is superior to any other. I doubt the expertise of Katie Couric, sincerity of Condoleezza Rice and acumen of Sarah Palin, and remain livid over the assassination of Commander and Chief, by a Geena Davis joke belittling little girls looking up to her presidential character as a role model!

Yet, can’t we celebrate Independence by finally taking our boot off the back of the necks of Native Americans, African-Americans, Jewish-Americans, LGBTQ Americans, Asian-Americans — and all female Americans being taxed for tampons?

Independence is not

  • Electing national leadership from only six percent of the population
  • Worshiping de-regulation & Trickle-Down economics
  • Castrating Federal Trade Commission
  • Free media dumping on The Public Trust & FCC
  • Gutting EPA

Those who think Mark Fowler, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Pat Buchannan and Pat Robertson are superior human beings to Barbara Stanwyck, Greta Garbo, Katherine Hepburn, Bette Davis, Barbara Walters, Geraldine Ferraro, Diane Feinstein, Rachel Maddow, Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren — personify The Peter Principal.

Not everyone can save an entangled American Bald Eagle, like Army Veteran Jason Galvin, but real men know Toxic Algae in Southern Florida is Corporatism excrement, because they understand equality for women is the infrastructure for workforce & family security, national and individual stability — diminishing bullying, rape and teen suicides.

American greatness is diluted by prejudice, like Bic making purple and pink pens just for women and New York Times writer, Michael D. Shear, referring to former presidents Bush and Clinton as President, but current President Obama as Mr. — though not as repugnant as Trump’s Star of David Tweet, is it what we celebrate on July 4th?

America cannot be truly free and independent, until we embolden the 1996 Telecommunications Act, hold accountable CEOs of Oil/Gasoline, Pharmaceuticals, Factory Farms, Tobacco, chemical injected pinned up food sources and insurance companies who knowingly destroy earth, air and water for women and children first.

I don’t say women’s rights, I say the constitutional principal of the equal citizenship stature of men and women — Justice Ruth B. Ginsberg.

I’m with her because, like love, America needs no labels.

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