Indictments Of, By and For Hope

Papadopoulos Guilty, Paul Manafort and Rick Gates indicted and still Huckabee-Sanders claims from podium that, nothing has anything to do with you, her Bully Pulpit boss.

Swaggering past tossed Russian flags, you, like Martin Shkreli, assume Master Race membership, but hope overcomes the treachery that reduces our youth to an Opioid bottom line byproduct of pharmaceutical and congressional collusion.

Thinking yourself the, boss of bosses, you’ve cheated government funding, pocketing taxpayer money, like papa Fred pick-pocketed Eisenhower, but we indict hope to shine the light of truth through the fog of Twitter storms.

Shadowing Roy Cohn’s ghosts of darkness, you strut daddy’s, you are killers, you are kings, in your personal rut of emptiness, devoid of empathy. While we honor recapturing our American Dream — you dishonor the loss of Gold Star families — and expose your Massive Intelligence Failure.

Our hope remains securely invested in the American ideal of freedom, embracing the liberty to marry whomever we choose, an independent judicial branch and a laser beam focus on the locations you consider while personally interviewing potential U. S. Attorneys.

Imposing a gold-plated Betsy DeVos for maximum stress on students and teachers, can’t bait-and-switch our national hope for public education into the glitter of your fool’s gold.

Using our Federal Communications Commission, as a propaganda tool for self-righteous Baltimore brothers, will fail to sway our hope, toward deniers of Jefferson’s separation of church and state.

You can encourage Ryan Zinke to wipe his dirty feet on our environment, but we rise above arrogance, real and fabricated terrorism and seize the day.

You may have heralded in further restrictions on our civil liberties, with HHS zealot, Scott Lloyd, denying a seventeen-year-old her right to a legal abortion — an act of injustice, for which Attorney General Jeff Sessions reserves his right to remain silent — but, through federal laws upheld by our Supreme Court, we find hope in social services that assist in both pregnancy prevention and pre-natal care.

Following the crumbs left behind by Nixon, you can build a wall between Justice for All, and We the People, but hope keeps our hearts, minds and focus clear, even in the fog of phony recusal.

You can try to erase Eric Holder’s DOJ, but Elyse Goldweber, Sally Yates and all united with #MeToo women against men like you, are the wind of hope beneath our wings. Remembering your refusal to rent to people of color, America turns blue, resisting white supremacists in league with you.

You, whose trust is in Bannon’s Alt-Right Tiki torch Nazis, are no match for our Gettysburg Address ensconced hope in The Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968, and judiciary giants: Derrick Watson, Theodore Chuang, James Robart, Sonia Sotomayor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan.

Repeatedly professing provocative prevarications, trusting, A Lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes, will never defeat an all-inclusive patriotism that increasingly strengthens the tie that binds America’s greatest hope: Civil discourse, mutual respect and propelling forward together.

Your impulsive and aggressive top-down extremist Messianic intimidation can only isolate some Americans from United We Stand, some of the time.

You can expect Americans to respond to you like your employees, obligated to perform duties, unquestioningly, sexually or otherwise, and you can agree, no degree from the College of the Ozarks without passing a mandatory class in their Patriotic POV. However, our national consciousness is measured not only by Free Will, but our Bill of Rights, Freedom of Choice and the freedom to, just say no to any negative manipulation in the equality of our three branches of government, by the dictates of morally bankrupt, economic elites.

Thanks to you, boss-man, most Americans are now rising above short-term memory and limited vision, and assuring our neighbors feeling forgotten, that our spirit of hope welcomes all POVs — for hope keeps our promise to the world, and to immigrants like Frederick and Melania Trump.

America is perfect imperfection, but most of the time, most of us recognize character — as we continue to try living, and passing along, the lessons of Lincoln, FDR, JFK, King, Bobby, Maya, Margot Lee Shetterly and Obama.


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