Intervention? Dream On, Little Broomstick Cowboys.

LOL at news reports that GOP luminaries are planning an “intervention” with Trump this weekend to convince him to act like a normal presidential candidate. Dream on, little broomstick cowboys.

Here’s why. Take an individual born with narcissistic personality disorder, raise him in an environment replete with money and privilege, never thwart his least impulse, make no attempt to teach him values, and surround him with sycophants who treat everything he says as revealed truth and wonderful regardless of reality. Nurture him in that environment and reinforce all his worst tendencies, until he’s 70 years old.

Then, when he’s your party’s nominee for president and when the tremors of his seismic character faults begin to be felt, even by you, stage an “intervention” to convince him not to be himself.

Hello? Change is hard. It’s hard to change oneself even if you see the need and want desperately to change. Just ask anyone who has ever resolved to exercise more, lose weight, or even just keep his or her head down when trying to hit a golf ball. Trump neither believes he needs to change, nor is capable of it.

So intervene all you want, luminaries. Just don’t get your hopes up. You’ll be waiting a very, very long time for that pivot you keep hoping for to appear around the bend.

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