The “IRAC” Rule or How A Lot of Americans Learned to Stop Worrying and Feel the Bern

I don’t watch a lot of TV anymore for political news. None of the talking heads on there answer my questions. I get it more than they do. Not one person on all the news shows I have seen has ever said why Donald Trump is popular with his supporters. It’s obvious. With all the frustration in the country over terrorism, banks collapsing and watching Congress sticking it’s head in the sand, or more likely up a K street lobbyist’s behind, some folks have had enough. Next time they vote, they just want someone; ANYONE, who will kick some ass!

It’s as simple as that. No Trump supporter gives a damn on his position on abortion, or women’s rights, or the economy, or foreign policy. They want an ass kicker who will tell it like it is. If he has been through a few women so be it. If he has lied a little, well I mean who hasn’t? If he doesn’t know the Bible well, … I mean don’t we all sleep through church? That portion of the electorate doesn’t care!! They want an ass kicker and they don’t care who!

If, during the first Republican Debate, John Kasich had walked over to Ted Cruz, slapped him upside the head, spit tobacco juice in his face as he lay squirming next to his dais and said, “I can’t stand a sniveling liar”, John Kasich would be your Republican nominee. Simple as that.

Now we get to Bernie Sanders. Why is Bernie so popular? He is a white, disheveled 74 year old socialist from Vermont. But he has “YUGE” rallies with tens of thousands of people there. Now. Let’s not kid ourselves. Most of the people at those rallies don’t know what a “democratic socialist” is. Their definition of a democratic socialist is “Bernie Sanders”. They MIGHT get the democratic part as invoking the “one man one vote” rule. But socialist? Let’s face it. It wasn’t that long ago that Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Corolla of “The Man Show” found a bunch of women that they got to protest against “women’s suffrage”.

Socialism is a system of government where the government owns and controls the “means of production”. In Britain, the Labour Party always nationalizes the mines whereas the conservatives de-nationalize them. Mines are a means of production but that term means different things to different folks. No one has actually asked Bernie what he wants to nationalize. Why does he want to break up the banks but not nationalize them? Does he want to nationalize WalMart? It’s a big corporation. What about Apple Computer? My friend Joe incorporated his business “Joe’s Bait Shop and Shoe Cobbling” about a year ago. Are the Feds going to take over his business? And if Bernie does nationalize some businesses will he pay the owners? Keep the employees? Lots of questions that the media will not ask.

Why is he so popular? It involves acronyms! The first one you have heard of. It’s the “Kiss” rule. In this instance that has nothing to do with Monica and Bill. KISS is an acronym for “Keep It Simple Stupid”. Americans like things that are simple. We understand them. We don’t have the time to sit and philosophize about things. We are too busy. But, give us something simple and we are simply amazing. Bernie does that not ONLY in his message but in the way he delivers his message.

In law school, you learn to use the IRAC rule when answering an exam question. Law school exams traditionally involve giving a lengthy fact situation you have to evaluate. The IRAC rule organizes you. IRAC stands for “Issue, Rule, Analysis, Conclusion”. Bernie uses that brilliantly. The issue is “Is income inequality as it exists in America right? The Rule is that the best economic system is a capitalist system which will provide a good living for those who work. The analysis he uses is that since the bank bailouts the economy has gotten better, but only the top one percent has seen any benefit and there is earning stagnation leading to income inequality, thereby disputing the rule. The conclusion is that our purely capitalist system needs to change to alleviate income inequality. Simple.

Bernie stays on this message. Hillary’s stump speech comes across as something a snake oil salesman would say. She promises only to be the best first woman president and she is going to do what Bill did since things were so good then and she is going to continue doing what Obama is doing. Takes forever; says nothing. Trump comes out with a list of folks whose ass he intends to kick. And you wonder why Bernie’s rallies are packed. One message delivered simply works my friends. He drives the media nuts because they cannot get him away from this message. One message in a logical explanatory dialectic. It works, and that my friends is how you start a revolution.

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