Is It A Shambles Yet?

Various Republican talking heads have taken to referring to the Obama administration as “a shambles.” This applies particularly to surrogates from the Trump campaign, but there are pleny of others who suffer from similar mental and emotional disorders.

Taking as our guide the known tactics of conservative strategists – if you don’t mind getting dirty – we can assume that if Republicans are referring to Democratic activities as “a shambles,” then a shambles must be in full swing on the red side of the aisle.

And so it is – why should that surprise anyone? It has been said and written in the political arena for years now. But why don’t we just look at this overall strategy and drive towards its inception and consequences? The consistent effort of Republicans has been to stage the Culture Wars, ratchet them up, and then proceed with looting the Treasury.

Republicans invented the Culture Wars in order to distract from their greed. It is coming out now that several corporate behemoths have know that fossil fuels and/or genetic engineering have done, and continue to do, irreparable damage to our planet. Their response was to stonewall that information Their response was to release “reports” that were bought and paid for by corporations (guess what – there’s nothing to worry about). They told us that restroom use was far more important than the death of our honeybee population.

The first Republican tool for takeover has been racism. Their continuing efforts to recruit Democratic politicians in the South who were furious about the Civil Rights Act led to the majority in Congress that has given us eight straight years of pure racist obstruction to President Obama, no matter the issue.

Republicans dismiss the idea that “Black Lives Matter” and do nothing to restrain either gun sales or the ever-increasing militarization of police forces. They obstruct efforts to help Americans, white and others, by opposing aid programs that they imply would make life a little easier for black Americans. Can’t have that! What’s wrong with the American people that they sit back and do nothing, not even call their Congressmen?

The second “improvement” on the Republican takeover program has been the spreading of naked discrimination and persecutions against the group of Americans that we call the LGBT Community. In doing this they got out of the way of the Religious Right, and that reprehensible part of America is now baying at the heels of Americans of all sizes, shapes and colors. Preachers will confront a women’s march for health-care rights carrying a placard that reads, “You deserve to be raped.” People who call themselves Christians will take the lives of doctors and nurses. They will bomb clinics.

Republicans really ran with religious hysteria. The original dreams of evangelist Frank Schaeffer and the Moral Majority are now dwarfed by the dreams of legislators who want to pass laws openly permitting persecution – actual persecution of Americans – just because they might look gay to someone, as a woman found recently when she was attacked in a ladies’ room by a self-appointed moral arbiter.

In this vein, my contribution to the Clinton campaign is going to be my brilliant idea of how she will never be impeached. If Hillary Clinton secures the nomination and is elected President, the only protection she needs to put in place would be the selection of an African American to be her running mate. The Republican Party may hate her – and they do, without mind or reason – but they would never dream of displacing her for a black man or woman. In fact, I would really like to be “a fly on the wall” in a room of free-spoken African Americans as they contemplate this emerging white-on-white persecution. I mean, Jewish people might not be white enough for you, but they are taking aim at your children, your brothers and sisters, the people who own the houses next door to you. Yes, I would truly love to think what the African American community thinks about this, but I don’t think they would tell me.

We have seen the racial media blitz, starting with the Birthers when Barack Obama appeared on the horizon. We are watching the persecution media blitz gear up right now, and for what?

My conclusion that the reason for these powerful assaults on American decency and morality are being put up to give the Republican Party time to finish its planned depletion of all the financial resources in the country. Only when there are no revenues in Washington, D. C., will the Republicans and the billionaires who own and operate them deem that their work is done. The Religious Right failed with Raphael Cruz, Jr., but there are more fanatics out there to put up as candidates and try to subvert the civil government. And the racists never go away, so they will keep finding work to do forever.

Or you could vote blue.

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