From JFK Cuban Missiles to Trump’s North Korea – What Works?

No parent should have to bury their children, not the Kennedys, not General John Kelly; not citizens dying of Leptospirosis nor their 3.4 million fellow Americans still waiting for Mana from a demagogue — and not the families of four uniformed Americans who died in the service of our nation, arguably, because their Commander-in-Chief, tossed Chad into latest racial and religious travel ban.


Despite the rising tide of decent thinking Americans, it’s not easy to remove even the worst of presidents from office. However, for one who personifies the answer to, where is the bottom — he is simultaneously media bait and switch master, inept POTUS and unempathetic human being — but other deplorable people wielding power indiscriminately may focus America, if not, The House.


Exposing and repelling Karl Rove, if not Clarence Thomas; Anthony Weiner & Harvey Weinstein, if not Bill Cosby & Woody Allen; Bernie Madoff & Martin Shkreli, if not Steve Bannon & Jeff Sessions; Katherine Harris & OJ Simpson, if not Pam Bondi & Rex Tillerson — we prove our values’ system still works.


When towers walling The Street house 21st century money changers denying us reliable representation from state and federal legislatures, then what works is our judgement to, trust but verify, Jurists and Generals — making a gauntlet to General John Kelly’s false characterization of Representative Frederica Wilson, and the, all hat and no cattle, snark from an ever, and wholly unjustifiable, condescending Sarah Huckabee Sanders, our patriotic duty.


Let’s not wait for a near death experience, a slap to our Consoler-in-Chief past, or another massive intelligence failure in current White House, to save affordable healthcare, Public Education, the Veterans Administration and our military from being sacrificed for those who never considered serving in uniform.


What works is insisting: rapists, liars, bigots, religious hypocrites, fake patriots, gropers, Conservatives propelling us backwards, imposters projecting their Koch head sins on our political process, Citizens United, voters choosing the greater of two evils, domestic terrorists, non-voters and deserters of civil listening to differing points of view — this far and no farther will you come!


What works: living with hearts and minds founded in democratic purpose, believing there is harmony to be made between barroom brawlers at raucous political rallies and church & state — if we respect the independence of each from the other, and garner a healthy inter-dependence with unity.


What doesn’t work is falling victim to a rerun of, might makes right, believing power equates privileges with the privileged — no longer shocked by bullies, but awed by vulgarity posing as though posturing is the new leadership normal, rather than an insulting facade.


What will keep America working is a people’s transformation: thinking leaders full of curiosity and wonder, whose deeds endorse the value of quality education for everyone without financially profiting the soulless. We need more female Millennials in Congress and State houses, respecting the experience of Baby Boomers, but learning from their mistakes.


We need the strength of character to accept personal accountability and whole-heartedly embrace reinvigorating change — realizing inclusive communion requires more than texting, Instagram and un-presidential tweets.


Connection is created by face-to-face conversations — for if we can’t meet across the table, the wisdom to elect government that reaches across the aisle, will forever elude us.


There’s only one limitation to America’s greatness: those who deny that our moral character was compromised the very moment we replaced the art of compromise with 1960’s assassinations, 1970’s J. Edgar Hoover Hypocrisy, 1980’s redundant gossip as news and the Age of Aquarius with rudderless politics reducing patriotism to flag waving, hate speech and fear mongering isolationism.


How does Mitch McConnell’s the goal here is to win elections in November… and, keep us in the majority — work for you?


As Trump works to prove, government is the problem, his Niger, I Was Told, may be his Watergate.


America can never be first when great generals dishonor truth, and greatness can never be achieved by an imploding misogynist.


One woman spoke up, and a Hollywood titan fell. What ill-equipped, ill-mannered president could withstand the deserved reproach of all women, and decent men?


What works: Impeachment.

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