Donald Trump May Have a Secret Weapon in Jill Stein

The scariest part of Trump’s acceptance speech, which he continues to push, is that HE and ONLY HE is the solution to all of America’s problems. This is completely counter to not only the Constitution, but also to our modern democracy. Trump thinks he is running for Emperor, and the Progressive Left has been wise to reject him. However, Trump is not the only one who takes this approach.

In my view, Jill Stein is no less narcissistic and egotistical than Donald Trump. Plus, she adds a veneer of moral smugness that makes Trump’s comical bombast seem almost refreshing.

Don’t get me wrong. There is much in Stein’s positions to be admired, and Progressives could certainly get behind many of her ideas. But in this country we don’t vote for policies and ideas, we were given a “Republic, if we can keep it.” We vote for people and Jill Stein does not deserve anyone’s vote.

Stein has the same messianic approach that Trump does. “If you just elect me President I’ll create 25 million jobs, raise the minimum wage, eliminate student debt and have the US on 100 percent renewable energy.” Oh will you now. Riiiiight. Presidents cannot do such things, especially by themselves.

Stein would need a cooperative Congress to even make the first step on these policies. Has she not been paying attention for the last six years? Didn’t people notice that Obama has been frustrated at pretty much every point by the Republican Congress? And Obama is an extraordinarily skilled politician. What could Stein possibly accomplish?

The only election office that Stein has ever won is as the Town of Lexington Town Meeting Representative. And now her ego makes her think she can not only win the office of President, but she can do the day to day work, no problem. This is obviously a delusional person who has no idea what it means to be President. “Oh I just show up and start ordering people around — right?” Exactly what lunatic Trump thinks as well.

Stein seems fond of saying that she doesn’t know who is worse, Trump or Clinton. This is the same rhetoric we heard from Ralph Nader in 2000. Simply consider for a moment where we might be on global warming if we had had eight years of President Gore rather than W. Case closed. There are real differences between Republicans and Democrats and those differences do matter.

Let’s put it another way. Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that Stein is 100% perfectly Progressive in her policy proposals (I don’t believe that for a second, but let’s play along.) What are the chances that she can get elected? If elected enact any of those policies? My estimate of that probability is exactly zero.

Now, let’s say that Hilary is something less than 100% pure Progressive (50%? 30%?). What are the chances she gets elected and move those policies in the right direction? 75 percent? 99 percent? A vote for Hilary moves us in the right direction.

And if Hillary is, say, only 30 percent Progressive, what is Trump? Minus 50 percent? Minus 75 percent? Even worse? The choice is clear.

A vote for Stein is completely wasted. It might even be a vote for Trump. A vote for Hillary may not move the country forward as far as we might sometimes like; or move things forward in every area. But it does move us forward.

Voting for Hillary and for Democrats (in most races) is truly the only way to move Progressive causes forward this November.

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