Johnny One Note, The Ship’s Adrift!

Trump’s press conference yesterday revealed what I have long thought: Trump is just Johnny One Note, the singer who can only sing one note, but sings it loud, overlords the place, and drowns out all the other sounds. His one note is how horrible things are, how Obama/the Democrats are to blame, how the media is fake, and how he is great, wonderful, and totally in charge.

Trump’s first month in the White House clearly hasn’t given him a distant inkling that the one note that’s served him so well all his pampered, insulated life may possibly not be sufficient for his new position. His administration is running like a fine-tuned machine, he says.

Never mind that North Korea has launched a ballistic missile, that Russia has deployed a new cruise missile that violates a Reagan-era arms control agreement, that his national security advisor has been fired/resigned/forced to resign (stories keep changing), and that three campaign advisors, including his former campaign manager, are being investigated by the FBI.

Never mind that his executive order on immigration, drafted by his crack team of advisors without professional input, has been stayed by the courts. Never mind that his staff is leaking like a colander or that the intelligence community is reported to be withholding sensitive information because it doesn’t trust Trump’s people not to leak it to the Russians, who are still and always a hostile regime.

And never mind that of 692 positions requiring confirmation by the Senate, 662 have yet to be nominated. That’s 95.66% of the positions that must be filled if a president, any president, is going to be able to faithfully execute the laws, his sworn duty. Oh, and never mind that Trump’s first choice to replace his national security advisor turned the job down, reportedly telling friends the position was a st sandwich.

Never mind all that. In Trumpworld, everything is just fine, even better than fine.

During the campaign, I wondered if Trump’s statements contrary to fact were knowing lies or things Trump actually believed. Now I think I know the answer: Trump is delusional. He has lived in a cotton batting world, cushioned by his wealth and position, surrounded by sycophants, and served by underlings all his life. Like the naked emperor parading in his imagined finery, Trump lacks the ability to see what is obvious and is instead possessed by an incredibly fragile ego requiring a never-ending supply of affirmation and adulation.

Trump has been promoted to the level of his incompetence: the Presidency. He lacks not only the skills, but the vestiges of the skills required, he lacks the knowledge, he lacks even the ability to comprehend that things are not going well. And his lack of awareness means that he will never learn, never improve. Trump will always remain Johnny One Note.

So what does Trump do? Like Johnny One Note, he returns to what he knows. Yesterday he attacked the media; today he’s on his way to a campaign rally in Florida, seeking the affirmation of crowds, the cheers he desperately needs to fill the black hole of incompetence at his core.

Meanwhile, the sharks are circling, roiled black water surrounds the ship of state, and, lacking a competent captain, we drift.

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