A Bookended Weekend with Life and Death Suffocating in Between

Thursday June 9, 2016, at White House Senator Bernie Sanders probably got the word; thanks Obama and Biden for impartiality, vows to do anything to defeat Trump, even work with Hillary Clinton — but will compete in Washington DC primary Tuesday June 14. 90 minutes later President Obama’s pre-recorded I’m with Her video airs.

Inspired, Saturday I write of unity, even civility and pride of being a Democrat because the Democratic Party represents, Out of Many, One.

Up early Sunday morning, I publish, I’m with Her, then attend fun Champaign retirement brunch of dear friend.

Arrive home late Sunday afternoon:

153 Americans shot having fun, for being LGBTQ. 49 dead, 104 wounded, maimed, damaged — changed forever; dozens of hugs and heroes. Trump Self-congratulates — predictable media overkill, killing every family, friend and American over and over again.

Late Sunday I record audio version of my, I’m with Her. I too have been changed forever.

Words remain the same, same depth of commitment to Liberal Love Thy Neighbor instilled, still, but gut wrenching to talk about it all over again.

May I offer you both written and audio of I’m with Her — to impress upon all, a moment of silence is no match for an AR-15, but no assault weapon is a match for our votes. Please elect the Congressional guts to prevent, what is past, is prologue.


Obama: I’m with Her

Some, because of memories of black & white re-runs and white-washed history books, envision America united by political debate and the ballot box, but what gave birth to our nation was more Open Carry than peaceful assembly.

What created America, in our own image, was neither Godly nor exceptional, neither favoring equality and justice for all; not Native American security, nor African-American citizenship and certainly not voting rights for women — but rather, violence, rebellion, treason: It was, A Movement.

The best thing to happen to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign: Senator Bernie Sanders. The best thing to happen to the Democratic Party since FDR and JFK, Bobby & Edward Kennedy — Bernie’s supporters.

America is healthiest when engaged in civil debate between those Left of Center and Right of Center striving to keep each other, centered. However, tipping our national scales too far Left or Right and we risk becoming a nation defined by radicals and anarchists excusing, as well as enticing militarized police.

From Progressives, Trust Busting Republican Teddy Roosevelt & anti-woman, anti-African-American Democrat Woodrow Wilson (side-stepping William Howard Taft’s Little Brown Brothers), the Democratic Party morphed into the Liberal Party and the GOP, the financially elite party investing millions in limiting government regulations, billions in preserving traditional white American value, incubating Donald Trump.

America’s Democratic Party has been the party of and by Liberals, caring for all Americans, except:

  • the bigoted Solid South in reaction to our 16th president, and first Republican elected to that office
  • The States’ Rights Democratic Party, Dixiecrats
  • Internment Camps for Japanese-Americans after Pearl Harbor

Bruised, damaged, flawed and compromised, like 99% of us, The Democratic Party barely managed to remain the party of Yes, while the Republican Party evolved evermore into the party of “NO! And then, “Hell No!”

The obvious extreme of American division was our Civil War with the scars of Sherman’s March to the Sea and the Confederate Andersonville, still contaminating our political process from K. Street Lobbyists, to Justice Anthony Kennedy’s bad Internet Judgement sowing Citizens United, to the Roberts court gutting our Voting Rights Act.

Being a member of the Democratic Party, we are by definition, Liberal, and as such, the antithesis of the moneyed nemesis of human decency: Right Wing puppet Mitch McConnell, hypocrite Paul Ryan, Wayne LaPierre & Donald Trump disciples and the all but forgotten Tea Party.

As Democrats, of every hue, it is for us to lead by example in discerning what is acceptable human behavior in Supremes, Congress and electoral politics. We get to either profit at the expense of the 99% and stash ill-gotten tax-free gain off-shore, or being democratic, send the elevator back down, giving all a hand up through the glass ceiling of equal economic opportunity.

There are of course many descent Americans who happen to be Republicans, like Attorney Benjamin Ginsberg, pragmatist Hugh Hewitt and political commentator Steve Schmidt, but what are the trumped indoctrinated Nicolle Wallace and RNC Delegate Ashley Bell thinking?!?

As long as we allow media and political puppets to manipulate our Left and Right into extremism, the rabble-rousing Democratic Mission: liberally reinforce a balanced American center.

Despite scrapping and squabbling, there is only one Democratic Party: We the People choosing Liberty, Justice and Equality for all — the valiant and the vanquished — the gay and the straight. Democrats are Gonzalo Curiel & Ruth Bader Ginsburg, not Chief John Roberts & newly re-elected inferior Judge Aaron Persky — we defend justice for Davontae Sanford and the woman raped by Brock Turner.

In June 2016, as we remember Bobby Kennedy, seek an Attorney General Bernie Sanders and shatter the Glass Ceiling of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 concession speech, let us unite remembering, for Democrats, being Liberal is not new, for not only do we love America — we love (((ALL))) Americans.

AUDIO Version, recorded post Orlando Mass Shooting, of I’m With Her: http://tinyurl.com/ze7pt6w

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