It’s Just the End of the GOP, Not the End of the World

The Indiana primary results are coming in and Mr. Donald Trump’s already declared the Republican Party winner over Mr. Ted Cruz. So it’s not even close. This moves Trump a big step closer to clinching his coveted GOP nomination. His first step to ruling the free world… oh dear.

The Democratic race is closer. Ms. Hillary Clinton is leading and likely to win over Mr. Bernie Sanders. The result won’t change Hillary’s favourable math and momentum though, given the Democrats’ system of proportional delegates. Also, Hillary does have the woman card and it is a great card. Bernie is hanging in there, hoping for a wild card. Good luck Bernie; nothing wild about Hillary.

So the big move here today is on the Republican side. Trump is likely to advocate, or rather agitate, for Mr. Reince Priebus to wave his… uhm… white flag. It’s so lame and such a shame. As we speak, the grand ole party moves to the endangered species list; another step down a path to extinction. If that seems a harsh verdict; think about it:

  • Leading candidates, Trump and Cruz, are calling each other pathological liars; which for anyone paying half attention, seems about right. The only moment of truth for either of them is when they call each other a liar.
  • Trump proudly says he can do anything he wants, go out into the street and shoot someone for starters. Less startling, yet important I suppose, is he thinks it’s fine to take multiple different positions on a single issue; positions that are poles apart. Words spoken knowingly and willfully have no meaning when serially contradicted hours later. Serial lying speaks to no moral core and should have consequences. And I feel he’s laughing at America, because he is so sure of himself about this, that he doesn’t even hide his duplicity. I mean, it’s all okay?
  • The Tea Party is a coddled child of the GOP. Fed deliberate fantasies, starved of facts, common sense and a mind of its own. Now seeing that its fantasy world is irreconcilable with the GOP, which is still in some sort of reality (or is it some sort of denial — probably Obama denial or something). The Tea Party works hard to take over the GOP for its own ends — witness Paul Ryan and his figurehead Ayn Rand.
  • Trump has harnessed a coalition of Tea Party types and a motley crew of fringe rabble — racists including the KKK, white thugs that get off on beating up protesters at rallies, the highly intolerant, super macho men and the weak who collectively seem to need a strongman of the Putin sort to enforce their freedoms, etc..
  • GOP leaders are all about bringing America back to the past and the economy to a standstill. Beyond actively trying to kill the economy (not just on Obama’s watch, but also on Bush’) GOP policies are geared to the 1%, the less educated, less tolerant, the frightened older middle class white male voter. No appeal to the majority of right thinking Americans. Or should I say left or progressive thinking Americans… well, you know what I mean.
  • If Trump keeps on with his Mexican wall, America first and the world last, anti-trade, anti-China, anti-immigrant, anti-immigration, intolerant racist and woman bashing ways he is unelectable by Americans. If he tries to change his tune post-primary and run on a progressive platform in the general election, no one other than those who already think he’s great will ever believe him after what he’s said and done in plain sight; it’s been filmed, photographed and endlessly scripted tweeted and blogged.

Ah, the Grand Old Party. I like to call it God’s Only Party because I often fancy this is how the GOP sees itself. Yet, now I think it’s gone to hell. Former Speaker John Boehner compared Ted Cruz to Lucifer and frankly, I think Donald Trump is worse. I have to admit I am not a Boehner fan, however, given we have the same assessment here, he can’t be all bad. If you missed it, you could see him cavorting with President Barack Obama in a film spoof at the Correspondents Dinner on the weekend.

The only thing the GOP and its leaders know when it comes to a challenge is to double down on past policies and behaviour. Right now, it’s doubled over. The Tea Party has split off its voter base and Trump is in the final stages of a perverse reverse takeover. The splintered, disillusioned GOP supporters are I think, prone to staying home. There will be enormous challenges in trying to focus the party and its election machine. And after it loses.. there’s all that flotsam, jetsam, and wreck.

So what’s next?

GOP out!

(mike drops)

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