Kiev Katrina

Tokyo Rose is the famous Japanese radio propagandist in World War 2. All over the Pacific, U.S. Sailers and marines could here her lie to them. She would tell them sly nuanced invectives, Japan was winning, there is no use in continuing. As best I can tell she was singularity unsuccessful and no morale was lowered as a result of her missives. Now, 70 years later we have the modern day equivilant in Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson.

Facts are facts. They are incontrovertible. And yet Ms. Pierson has stated that no one listens to the “fact checkers”. In other words you can lie about something and everyone may believe you. If your lie is found out later, no one will care as the news cycle has moved on. Your lie is “yesterday’s news”. Ms. Pierson has endeavored to prove the case.

In a dispute with a Mr. Kahn whose son was killed in the war in 2004, Ms. Pierson stated that he was probably killed because of the Rules of Engagement imposed upon him by President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The only problem with this is that in 2004, President Obama was a State Senator in Illinois and Mrs. Clinton was a U.S. Senator from New York. Neither had anything to do with the “Rules of Engagement” used in the war at that time. Oops!

Ms. Pierson also has stated that the war in Afghanistan was started by President Obama (once again he was a state senator when that war was begun by President Bush) and that the Media had “literally beat Trump supporters into submission”. Huh? So the media is running around with baseball bats and pummeling anyone with a “Make America Great Again” hat? I think not.

Ms. Pierson is not a press officer anymore. She is a propagandist just like Tokyo Rose. She says whatever facts OR LIES she believes benefits Mr. Trump. She is correct in one matter. We live in a busy world. Most people grab their news over Twitter or as they run out the door watching 15 minutes of Good Morning America. We don’t have time to do our own fact checking and don’t have time to pay attention to the media’s. We are at the propogandist’s mercy except when we know they are propogandists. And now we do. Given the Trump campaign’s lust over the Ukraine, we can call their propogandist “Kiev Katrina” to remind us she is no press secretary, but a dangerous propogandist. Believers beware!

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