Knock, Knock: Who’s There? Trumped Trump

Emboldened by Alt-Right votes, our 45th President throws down a radical Right Wing gauntlet at the feet of democracy. Perhaps believing in alternative facts, he assumed no one would dare challenge his alternative banning.

While a flurry of photo-opts included a refugee Ban on Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Iran, Iraq and Syria — all non-9/11 participants coincidentally, Middle East countries with whom The Don of Bankruptcy has business ties: Azerbaijan, UAE, Egypt, Frenemy Turkey and 9/11 contributor Saudi Arabia, were exempt from, executive abuse of power.

As evidenced by January’s Women’s March heard round the world, women, from Millennials to Seniors, united and supported by men fearless in the face of gender equality most Americans represent American values that demonstrate our collective aspirations, better than our elected officials.

Once again, our exceptional attempt to form a more perfect union is being challenged. However, as in Civil War, iconic assassinations, Kent State bloodshed and sitting UC Davis student protesters being pepper sprayed — we will go high, and shall overcome.

Nonetheless, Conservatives are serious about pushing America backwards, but deep in Liberal hearts and minds, Americans know compromise is as essential to global security, as family love is to the fabric of American progress. We now hold these truths to be self-evident: when people who hate government are elected by people who hate government, government becomes hateful.

When conservatives like Cheney, Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence dominate public affairs: preaching oil wars for profit, obstructionism to the public good and denial of science, evolution and freedom of choice what is wrought on America is the havoc and chaos of a team of bigots herded by an emperor with no concept of helming a democratic ship of state.

Once again, it is up to those who care about life before birth to unite with those who choose to live a life saving lives from, extremists more akin to authoritarians and demagoguery, than leaders of a free world.

We the People, of every color & cause; stay-at-home or home-schooled; Wall Street to Main Street — especially women of every political and sexual persuasion and every income disparity level — need unite, to never again repeat McCarthyism’s restrictions on our freedoms.

Let’s also prioritize less on organizing for Party victory, and more on how American citizens counter, when an American president becomes a global threat to human decency, mutual respect and indeed, humankind.

We don’t need to agree on everything to recognize the power of unity in the face of questioning misguided authority:

  • One B2 Stealth Bomber costs ten times more than the entire annual budget of NEA
  • Churchill or church member, when asked to cut Arts & Science budgets to fund wars, answer, what are we fighting for if not preservation of The Humanities
  • Words like, Keep the oil and maybe we will have another chance, endangers American lives here, and abroad

No political extremist is the solution for employment, fiscal responsibility, income parity, spiritual hope, peace of mind — or Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Extremism offers only the demise of common cause, commonality and common sense.

Our current abyss didn’t begin with Bannon, Spicer, Conway or Islamophobia undoing, Love thy neighbor as thyself. America is the product of a checkered past:

  • seeking religious freedom invaders, slaughtering those of differing beliefs
  • Plantation owners torturing human-beings for harvesting profits
  • Destroying Streetcars & electric cars for oil profit
  • Replacing slavery with Jim Crow & Gerrymandering
  • Private Prison owners profiteering from mass incarceration of non-white people
  • Birther Trump fraudulent claims of Voter Fraud
  • Ignoring two 2016 oil pipeline leaks in Canada in favor of KeystoneXL
  • Bush/Cheney oiled White House and Gulf of Mexico
  • Trump/Pence defunding to silence EPA and Planned Parenthood

Now, let us defy oligarchy, climate denial and government gag orders with peaceful protests at local offices of both Republican and Democratic members of Congress — because their desire to stay on the public payroll will open their ears to our wisdom.

Be reasonable, elect more Liberal female governors, state legislators, members of Congress, and yes presidents.

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