Let Not Iowa Caucus, Trump Acquittal or Coronavirus Steal Our Juice

Before We the People defined ourselves, The Land of the Free with slaves and Home of the Brave while venerating elected old men who sent other people’s children to war – in every region of America, American thinking was vastly different.

If Trump’s altercations against morality, McConnell’s indifference to legality and Pence’s duck and cover opportunism are not what’s stealing America’s juice from Americans, what is?

What’s stealing America from Americans, is not refugees seeking asylum but our caging their children; not a 2020 Iowan political anachronism, but rather our divorce from a time when civil, and uncivil, neighbor to neighbor debate decided by acclamation who should be elevated to civil service.

In 2020, what’s stealing America from Americans is neither new, moderate nor progressive, but the resurgence of our old relationships with racism, denial and hero worshiping the unheroic.

Acceptance of a Republic of Trump/McConnell creation, we concede to the systematic decapitation of Constitutional government, not only by an unprincipled, unqualified, unorthodox barbarian with dollar signs for vision, but by historic fears fueling past myths.

Perhaps, the lack of Republicans like Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus, is why Lincoln’s Party cowers in the presence of a Carnival Barker.  Truth is, the GOP transition began long before the Trump clan came to Washington and its Klan worshippers to Charlottesville.

The droppings which sprouted Senators Cotton, Jordan and Nunes, emitted from the Military Industrial Complex’s reconnaissance for destroyers, Koch, Mercer and Adelson, and less secretive operatives, Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon and Bill Barr.  These are some of conservatism’s destructive zealots and political parasites – the Trump family, merely puppets conveniently apathetic to Citizens United choking common-sense Climate Change solutions by projecting deceit onto the gullible.

Let’s nurture the polar opposites to that which media has lock stepped our focus, and both ask and answer the important questions:

  • Who do we choose to be our 45th or 35th president?
  • What can we do to recapture our, one for all and all for one American Dream?
  • When: After Trump creates all three branches of government in his own image, or in every 2020 local, state and national election?
  • Where: City Councils, School Boards, PTAs, State Legislatures, Governors’ Mansions or in Senate Chamber anti-rooms avoiding witness evidence?
  • Why is remaining a Senator more important than honoring the Constitution for which a Senator is elected to uphold?
  • How can democracy survive if we focus more on anti-democratic extremists than re-energizing our Gettysburg Address potential?

If assurances from our 45th national administration neither spared nor provided legal Whistleblower protections for active duty military officer, Lt. Col. Vindman and his non-whistleblower twin brother, how about us?

Are we walking the path of Ava DuVernay, Betty White and Leila Janah or talking the talk of Joe McCarthy, Lindsay Graham and James Fields?

Can we now see Germany’s 30s-40s in USA’s NRA, NSA, CIA and FBI pledging allegiance to the Don instead of the parchment for which we stand?

How about the Secret Service, providing protection to a, I can do anything I want president, by paying for sleepovers at Mar-a-Lago with taxpayer dollars, and not reporting this Emolument on steroids?

The only reality in our reality show president is, never missing any opportunity to cheat employees, lie about competitors, steal from the working poor to reward the super-rich, wreak vengeful havoc on those he perceives disloyal, and monetize his presidency.

Don’t be fooled by talking heads or those who worship talking heads.  The Iowa Caucus resulted from a 21st century technical issue, a 20th Century State party leader, helming a 19th century process didn’t foresee – no media hyperbole required.

Polls prove Democrats are carefully scrutinizing for the candidate who can prevent four more years of criminality – and they won’t support infighting.  So, Amy Klobuchar, if you want to be the last woman standing, take heed:

A Left shouting angry Socialist or a wrong angry vengeful profanity?

Remember, the Democratic Party elected the first African American president, nominated the first woman for Vice-President and by popular vote, elected the first Female president.  So, will it be Elizabeth Warren’s plans or Joe Biden’s replay?

Iowa surprised us with Pete Buttigieg, until a female Iowan voter explained, I want someone moderate, but new.  I’m with her.  Establishment is not a dirty word, and Revolution v Status Quo are Conservative Republican choices.

Be assured, even if our, life well lived, doesn’t rise to the level of Cher, Michaels Moore v Bloomberg, Kirk Douglas hiring writer Dalton Trumbo or Civil Rights leader Nathaniel R. Jones – surely now, we are more capable in discerning what heroes we worship than our elders who stopped buying undershirts after Clark Gable bared his chest before Claudette Colbert.

Best we choose, wisdom.

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