#LockHimUp — Trump, self-generating hashtag

Winston Churchill once said that Americans always do the right thing, but only after they have exhausted all other options. Increasingly, the GOP seems to be testing that theory to its limit. Donald Trump suggested at a rally (Sharron Angle style) that perhaps Second Amendment remedies could be employed against Hillary Clinton — to stop her from appointing liberal judges to the Supreme Court.

The Secret Service actually took time to Tweet about Trump’s threat. Who will the The GOP’s Twitter Mussolini insult next, his own security detail? Does this not illustrate an anti-Trump maxim — that all publicity is not always good publicity?

How can Republicans continue to support this man? He is Kryptonite for all that is American, ironically cloaked in some perverted all-white American man-parody, where Trump is president for life.

His surrogates claim Trump is joking — and maybe he is — but dog whistlers know what this all means. Let’s be honest. “Somebody rise up and kill that bitch.” Or at best, Lock her up. Trump is like gasoline to the fire of ignorant rage — listen for yourself.

The party that liberated the slaves has let Trump suck that value out of it like a political succubus. Republicans should be repulsed. We all should.

Are you one of those folks who’s privately horrified about who this man is? Then for heaven’s sake, come out of the closet. Talk to your friends, and your family. You’re not alone. Have those awkward conversations if necessary.

He’s even generated his own hashtag:

Anti-Trump social media meme


(I spotted this image on the Facebook page of Cleve Jones, a noted LGBT activist who knows a little bit about Second Amendment remedies, being the ex-boyfriend of Harvey Milk — the City Supervisor gunned down in San Francisco.)

Memes aside: Who really, if you get past all the smoke and mirrors, is the crook and liar? Trump, who didn’t even write his autobiography The Art of the Deal, is just a high IQ teenager with a fragile ego. We need a president, not a 13 year-old bully with acute verbal flatulence. What good is any of his high-octane patriotism when Trump constantly embarrasses the country he supposedly wants to make great again? The best path to American greatness is for his reality show to be canceled — again.

I should note that I love reality TV as much as the next guilty pleasure. But, just as the Real Housewives need to stay out of the Situation Room, Trump’s being the guy who says You’re fired on the Apprentice (impeccably lit) once a week does not qualify him for the toughest job on Earth. Words matter, at least in real life. What we often forget is this: what we see on TV is merely a crafted version of reality.” Whatever reality means for Trump, it is hardly suitable for the presidency. Second Amendment dog-whistling is not only out of tune, it can be criminal.

Enough already. Lock him up. Or at least lock him out of his Twitter account. Am I kidding? Ask Rep. Gabby Gifford if she thinks Second Amendment remedies are funny.

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