The Logical Case for Hillary

A poster on Google+ (Yes, some of us still use that!) basically dared someone to make a logical case for Hilary Clinton that does not mention Donald Trump. Simple. Here we go.

1. Hillary will protect and extend the best of what has come out of the Obama administration. There will be no repeal of Obamacare. She will continue to fight to have the EPA be able to regulate global warming emissions. Republicans “threaten” us that Hillary is four more years of Obama. I can live with four more “Obama years” and so can most voters

2. Hillary will nominate a Supreme Court Justice that is in keeping with Progressive values protecting women’s rights, workers rights and marriage equality. And she can probably get her nominee confirmed. See below.

3. The election of Hillary could well bring back a Democratic majority in the Senate, so we have at least the possibility of moving forward on many issues including infrastructure funding and sustainable energy policies.

4. Hillary will have a Cabinet that more closely resembles America and is more keeping with Progressive values, much as Obama has. Will they be perfect choices in every case, of course not, but still on the right track. And she can get those appointees confirmed. See above.

5. Hillary’s experience as Secretary of State will be very useful in dealing with the inevitable crises that will arise around the world during her tenure.

6. Bill Clinton as her closest adviser on all this and more. Hell that is almost enough right there.

7. Bill Clinton was the last President to get through a minimum wage increase. Hillary has the best chance of doing the same.

8. Some might say that Hillary is in bed with the banks and the financial elite, but in some ways that makes her the best chance we have of getting some effective regulation in this area. I think Elizabeth Warren will have the President’s ear if we elect Hillary.

9. Electing Hillary allows Bernie Sanders to continue his important work. In the same way that Obama wisely thought his rival would be more useful on the inside than outside, I think Hillary does well to let Sanders remain on the inside. Maybe not as a Cabinet member, certainly as a policy leader in the Democratic party. We clearly need his voters going forward. Hillary is smart enough to realize that.

10. Hillary, probably more than any recent President will be keenly aware of her legacy. Ultimately she will realize her legacy will have to be Progressive. She is definitely a fighter and survivor. She will get her legacy and it will be Progressive.

There, 10 logical reasons. No Trump.

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