Is it all madness in North Carolina?

We may wonder if the state representatives of North Carolina have any concept of what it means to take an oath to support the Constitution. Support of American civil law is understood as the duty of every elected representative. Accusations were hurled in every direction upon the election of President Barack Obama. Many focused on his religion and his attitude towards American civil law. It was said that he would impose Sharia Law on the United States. It was said that he was not a Christian–indeed, the only self-identified Evangelical Christian among the four candidates–but a Muslim. Neither of these accusations has been borne out.

But recently, failed presidential candidate Rafael (Ted) Cruz said: “I’m a Christian first, American second, conservative third and Republican fourth.” Can you imagine the reaction of the conservative-controlled media if President Obama had said that? But of course, according to the standards of today’s media, virtually anything you or say or do is all right if you are a Republican, but grounds for investigation and prosecution if you are a Democrat.

Thus we see people who presumably consider themselves Christian (if no one else does) passing laws such as HB2 of North Carolina. The law is blatantly unconstitutional on more than one count, but it has been passed along with similar or more-restrictive laws in Illinois and other states. Why would legislators do these things, which are making them radio-active as far as other Americans are concerned?

It looks to me as though they simply think they can get away with it in the current political climate. As some pundits on both sides have said, this is the last stand of the old white men whose hatred governs their life decisions. Give it one more try and maybe you can connect one last punch with those gay folks and poor folks and liberal folks and black folks. This is very sad, but it cannot be allowed just to be very sad–the America that the old conservatives are trying to enact cannot govern a nation such as ours.

We no longer have the luxury of intimidated marginal people who will stay behind closed doors and hope that they won’t be lynched. The people who support Bernie Sanders are not afraid to get on the streets. In fact, many Americans are unaware how many people are showing up at rallies for Democratic candidates because of the media blackout on Sanders and their highly-selective coverage of the Clinton campaign. And as the police go their merry way shooting Americans dead in the streets, they seem not to know that they are sowing the revolution that Senator Bernie Sanders only talks about.

There is an effort going to block out the opposition, wipe voters off the voting lists and get through the coming election somehow. I’m guessing that the Republicans are now wondering if it’s worth the effort to steal this election, though, because they have no candidate. Speaking of radio-active, that’s how I would describe Donald Trump and if you think he is hard to take now, just wait until the Republican party platform is put together and shared with a nation that has the option to vote for it. Personally I have no further interest in Republican antics until the ones who choose to attend get to Cleveland–and I predict that the Cleveland crowd will be the worst of the worst. Decent Republicans are falling by the wayside every day. The latest was Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives, who demonstrated his ability to answer a question wrong a dozen ways in two minutes on this past Thursday. He could be vindicated in his lack of enthusiasm for Trump, though, before Cincinnati.

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