Make Eichenwald’s Article the New Pneumonia

On Wednesday September 14, 2016 Newsweek published an article by senior writer Kurt Eichanwald titled How the Trump Organization’s Foreign Business Ties Could Upend U.S National Security”. The article is an investigative piece that focuses on the numerous connections the Trump Organization has with foreign entities and the severe conflict of interest Trump will face if he were to become President. Eichenwald’s article is careful and meticulous consistent with his reputation for fair reporting. In 2000, Eichenwald was a Pulitzer Prize Finalist for Investigative Reporting for work in exposing big pharma for paying doctors to test their drugs on patients. Eichanwald’s article should compel the media to look further into the Trump Organization as well as the candidate himself.

This past week, Hillary Clinton disclosed that she had pneumonia after leaving a September 11 memorial event looking discombobulated and unwell. I’m sure you are already aware this occurred because it has been the lead on news programs for the last 72 hours. Questions of Clinton’s transparency, ability to fulfill duties of the Presidency, and general existence have been debated ad nauseam. They talk about her health, her emails, her marriage, her personality, her pantsuits and the list goes on. We got it. Now, it’s time to talk about issues of more pressing importance.

Was that a collective sigh of relief I just heard? Republicans, are you reading this? If you are, I bet you are sick of hearing about Hillary Clinton, right? You’ve been drained hearing about her for the past 30 years. So let’s shift the focus. We need to talk about Trump and not just about the incredibly outlandish statements he makes daily. They are distracting us from the bigger conversation. While we are talking about Trump, I promise not to talk about his love affair with the alt-right, rape charges, Narcissistic Personality disorder, skin tone, or even his “University.” Fair?

For the past 4 hours, I’ve been monitoring the news, waiting to hear reports on Eichanwald’s Trump article. After all, as Eichanwald writes “Never before has an American candidate for president had so many financial ties with American allies and enemies, and never before has a business posed such a threat to the United States.” I am effectively concerned. Aren’t you? He goes on to say “If Donald Trump wins this election and his company is not immediately shut down or forever severed from the Trump family, the foreign policy of the United States of America could well be for sale.” For sale! This is a big deal. Imagine my surprise when I realize there is nary a whisper of this article on the major news outlets. Media, this article should be the new pneumonia. You should be reporting on it for at least the next 72 hours. If you are feeling especially responsible, you should report on it every day until Trump has concrete and realistic answers for the American people.

Eichenwald focuses on the Trump Organization’s entanglements in India, South Korea, numerous Middle Eastern countries, Russia and Ukraine. It is also stated that the company has “deep connections in China, Brazil, Bulgaria, Argentina, Canada, France, Germany and other countries.” As Eichenwald writes the Trump Organization is a “sprawling business empire that has spread a secretive financial web across the world.”

Eichenwald’s article should act as a catalyst for increased transparency from Trump. We are experiencing a pivotal moment in the 2016 Presidential Election. Years from now, we may look back at this article and think about what it saved us from. So, at the very least we should ALL be talking about it.


Read Eichenwald’s full article: How the Trump Organization’s Foreign Business Ties Could Upend U.S National Security”

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