Making America great-no-longer

America was designed to be a great nation. In fact, America is the only nation in history that was designed at all; other nations evolved out of cultural groups that were bound by language and custom. But the Founding Fathers sat down in a disorganized, isolated area of the world and set up a government that created a nation where there had previosly been a loose confederation of colonies.

In the founding of this nation, there is no use in flogging the founders because they lived in the consciousness of their times. It is a reality that white men and black men were not considered equal; women and men were not considered equal. That is just the way it was–reality as believed in the Eighteenth Century. So over time, a series of upheavals in consciousness led to a series of amendments to the Constitution that moved from the grand theoretical framework of greatness, down to the everyday practice of goodness. America became not only a great nation, but a good nation.

Now Republicans are recoiling frantically–albeit insincerely–as Donald Trump faces down every revelation of his character and makes threats that he will not accept defeat at the polls. I expect to be elected, he warns, and there will be consequences if Americans do not vote for me.

His running mate, Mike Pence, is, as someone put it, not the rapist but the judge who lets the rapist walk free. Pence cannot be bothered to see to it that an innocent man is released from prison. Need I add that it is an African American man?

Nice team the Republicans put into place–a racist sexual predator criminal, and an insane racist religious bigot. And now, when revelations about their team are coming fast and furious, they are beginning to sense that their dream team will not be elected. Ever heard of a bridge too far? Uh-oh.

But how can I call Trump and Pence the Reublican dream team? Well, I have always preferred that the hypocrites speak out for what they really are, and nothing that is going on with the GOP candidates is anything out of ordinary Republican politics if you can get behind closed doors. Look, we did get behind the closed doors of the Nixon presidency, and what did we find? Just what we see now!

Ths militarized police forces, the party platform removing all reproductive rights, institutionalized discrimination against any citizens that fall afoul of the Religious Right–does this strike you as a great nation? A nation of peasants losing their homes to Reaganomics and living in shelters–do you think that was the vision of Washington and Jefferson?

If we were foolish enough to think that nuclear proliferation was nothing compared to the danger of having a gay couple live next door to us, then we deserve the 2016 Republican team. Remember, as actor Will Smith put it, nothing new is going on. It is just being filmed nowadays.

The reality is that America is both a good nation and a great nation. But if America ceases to be a good nation, it will inevitably cease to be a great nation. Donald Trump does not want to make America great again. He wants to make it impossible for America to be great.

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