Trump Nomination Will Make Wisconsin Blue Again

Supposedly one of the strategies of the new Trumpublican party is to peel off the “rust belt” states of the Midwest, such as my home state of Wisconsin. Let’s see how that is going for the Trumpettes.

#NeverTrump Wisconsin

Wisconsin Public Radio, aired a story that the #NeverTrump movement is alive and well in Wisconsin. Keep in mind that Trump lost to Cruz by 13 points here. Conservative talk show host Jerry Bader was quoted as saying that, “Never means never, contrary to what some people think.” He was also said that Trump would have a tough time uniting the Republican party.

Big Clinton Lead

Real Clear Politics has Clinton up by more than 10 points in every Wisconsin poll. I don’t see much hope for Trump here. And Wisconsin is a place where the down ticket races will probably be affected by the Trumpination in July.

Big Feingold Lead

FeingoldRuss Feingold was already doing well in polling again incumbent Ron Johnson. The election is a rematch of the 2010 election. It only took six years, but most folks here finally realized that Johnson is an empty suit.

Johnson kicked off his reelection campaign here in my hometown. He visited a local business and said that manufacturing firms were being killed by over regulation and “high energy costs.”

Now, I don’t know what planet Johnson is living on, but here in the real world energy costs have declined over the last eight years. Apparently there is a video of Obama somewhere predicting “skyrocketing” energy costs and Johnson is campaigning against that. Good luck with that Ron. Here is a graph showing electricity costs from my local utility:


Notice the steep rise during the Bush years compared to the stability during the Obama years. It is this kind of out of touch pandering to the Fox news crowd that has Johnson down 10 points to Feingold.

The Blue Advantage

Hopefully this will help Wisconsinites really pay attention this election cycle and finally get some policies that will help us catch up to Minnesota. Our legislature in the meantime was wasting time and money restricting abortion, getting teachers packing heat, and today the governor wants to waste money drug testing the unemployed. Way to grow the economy, Republicans!

Hopefully we will be seeing much more blue sky here in November.

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