#MeToo Emancipation from Trump’s Ignorance of #WhyIDidn’tReport

In the heat of mob rule mesmerized by misinformation, death threats and diminishing the dignity of women like Ashley Estes Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, demons breed the radical reactionary flow of conspiratorial alternative facts, raping our Bill of Rights and vulnerable seniors and minors – as an assumed, rite of passage.

With Trump’s October 2016 confession that rich and famous men are expected and entitled, in the Land of the Free, to freely grope woman – why do we need a wired Rod Rosenstein to convince us, millions of conservatives, supremacists or not, professing love for God and Country, while exposing faith, hope and love to the depravity of a bottom so unimaginable, most can’t suppress laughter at a disappeared smirk inserting virginity defense in a reality TV contortion.

Our antagonist remains centuries old abuse of women, children and the elderly:  the descendants of unchecked arrogance and ignorance given power over humane decency.

Long before Mark Twain’s Gilded Age, the hubris of, we built that or the prepped smugness of a judge leaving his, gee I don’t recall mark, on our life-time law, humans bearing penises indiscriminately discharged intoxicated violation – effecting multi-generational undulations of ravages and ruin.

So, what do we need to disembowel the power of America’s underbelly of sexism, racism and crucifying not only the messengers of truth, but those targeted for the illicit intercourse of power lust, me first greed and the need to demean others, to affirm confirmation for themselves?

If we do not see our Dorian Gray image reflected in our hookup with Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell, then we need to uncover the mirrors reflecting America’s history vs. Herstory, and spotlight our electing moneyed privilege, because, our 2016 elections’ afterglow has hacked America’s soul – and we are no longer the fairest of them all.

When was our collective, I’m not immortal moment?

Was it during your ignored, please don’t pleas or repetitive Clarence Thomas-like pleas for a date?

Did it happen during an attempted sexual assault at fifteen, or late-night college drinks ending with gang violence in a dorm elevator?

Was it when the illusion of income parity, romantic foreplay or mutual trust were employer, classmate or priest crushed?

When a kidnapper, smart enough to con a release to violate justice or a health science teacher’s joy ride with a teenager?

Was it, when seeing your newborn daughter, in realization you’d brought another second-class citizen into the world?

Did our sense of immortal humanity die during Michael Brown’s Skittles run, Sandra Bland’s jail hanging or the realization of our vulnerability to Senate gray-haired men, far less interested in cleansing American rivers of toxic Coal Ash or Flint water of lead, than propelling to our highest court another possible predator tainted by Cape Fear envy?

In 2018, will we resuscitate our political, electoral and moral Exceptionalism?  Rise to America’s defense against a White House penetrated by a Machiavellian master of bait and switch gender bias – forging sex-crimes against women, especially those resembling his own, as sacrosanct opportunity to again insult, assault and thrust fault on women?

Evangelicals, since GOP is no longer the party of Lincoln, Law and Order nor Family Values, aren’t Conservatives complicit when electing duplicity?

24 September 1789 our Supreme Court was established, with legal determination for number of Justices, MIA.

Although not immortal, the collective voice of, We the People has, like the Zapruder film, cast reasonable doubt on Mitch McConnell’s Kavanaugh assurances – shrouded in GOP’s Chuck Grassley knoll deception.

What the step-father of Sally Field and father of Ivanka Trump misjudged is, the immediate cause and effect yielding to long-term action/reaction that follows unbearable hands-on violence from predators – rendering us self-deluded to the truth that there are:

America’s soul is best healed when Americans internalize the strength of Sally Field, justice of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and courage of deported parents to revive our, women and children first.

If we are not forthcoming with more than, thoughts and prayers, domestic, gun and sexual violence will rape our, Equal Justice Under Lawto death.

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