Mike Pence is a sin eater!

Night Gallery was a tv show the late Rod Serling produced in the 1970s. It followed his more famous horror styled show “The Twilight Zone”. I was pretty young when “The Twilight Zone” was on tv and remember it only slightly. I LOVED “Night Gallery”. The show consisted of different vignettes of really scary stuff. One of my favorites was of a man sitting in an airplane and he looks out on the wing and a man is hanging on there. Another episode had a brain eating bug eating it’s way through a man’s head. When it finally came out and the man amazingly had lived he was told that the bug had laid it’s eggs in his brain. Then there is “The Sin Eater”

The premise of “The Sin Eater” is that when someone dies they need to be cleansed of sin in order to go to heaven. The way to cleanse them is to set food around their body and eat it thus, absorbing their sin into the soul of the sin eater. As the episode played out on “Night Gallery”, the village sin eater had to find a new sin eater as he was dying and he would have not only his own sins, but those of all those whose sins he had absorbed for them. This brings us to Mike Pence.

Pence doesn’t seem to be a bad sort. He was a pretty anonymous congressman who got elected as Governor of Indiana. He’s a conservative Republican who had a tough reelection campaign coming up. Instead, he elected to be Donald Trump’s running mate. The reports were that Trump had initially contacted John Kasich’s people with an offer to make the Ohio Governor Vice President. Kasich would be responsible for all domestic and foreign policy for the United States. Donald Trump would be responsible for making America great again. Kasich laughed. One would assume that Pence got the same offer.

If you think of it from Pence’s point of view it’s not a bad job. You run the company while the boss is out on the golf course and the boss doesn’t know enough to tell if you’re doing a good job or a bad job. In the meantime, you go out and campaign. Pence is a professional politician. He can do that. The hard part of the gig is being a sane person while your boss, whom you never see, is out being totally insane and making outrageous statements. The press then wants to know if you agree with your boss. That’s the problem. Mike Pence is the sin eater for everything Donald Trump does or says.

Recently, the press got around to asking Mr. Pence if he thought that President Obama was born in the United States. He said that he believed that the President was born in Hawaii and was a legitimate American. This is a proposition that Donald Trump has tried to argue for years; that President Obama was born in Kenya. Thus, Trump was the original birther. Despite Governor Pence’s statement, Trump still won’t come out and say that President Obama is an American.

Trump has also banned a variety of media from receiving press credentials at his rallies because he believed that these media outlets – including the Washington Post – were unfair to him. Governor Pence stated that this was going to be changed when he was asked about it. That was almost three weeks ago but now, the “blacklisting” has been rescinded. Score one for Governor Pence. Dealing with the weirdness of the Donald is a full time job. But when you are just a few months away from being the de facto leader of the Free world, it’s a small price being Trump’s sin eater. Then again, what happens to Governor Pence if Trump loses?

Governor Pence will forever be Trump’s sin eater and if he loses he may never recover having Trump’s insanity hung around his neck. It will be interesting to see if Governor Pence can find a sin eater for himself. He will need one.

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