Miscarriage? Don’t Go to A Catholic Hospital

Miscarriage, is a term used for a pregnancy that ends on its own, within the first 20 weeks of gestation. Ten-25% of all pregnancies will end in a miscarriage. The treatment for a miscarriage is usually dilation and curettage if the fetal tissue has not been expelled. If you are having a miscarriage don’t go to the local Catholic hospital. Be sure to scope out where the nearest non-Catholic hospital is located. Catholic hospitals will not treat you if treatment involves aborting the dead or dying fetus.

Miscarriage of Justice

The ACLU sued the Catholic Hospital System in Oct. 2015 for “refusing to provide pregnant women suffering emergency medical conditions with abortions necessary to stabilize them” on at least five occasions. The ACLU claimed that hospital staff withheld emergency abortion care from five women who suffered preterm, premature rupture of membranes. This complication arises when the amniotic sac breaks and leaves no fluid around the unborn child. “This is a situation where there is no chance the fetus will survive. A miscarriage has started. It just hasn’t completed.”

One patient was kept for six hours and medical staff did nothing but watch her bleed. She was finally taken to another hospital and by the time she arrived at the other hospital, she required a transfusion of seven pints of blood and emergency surgery.

In another case, a woman was in the 18th week of pregnancy, happily awaiting the birth of her child. When her water broke, she went to one of the only two hospitals in Muskegon County, Michigan. Both Catholic hospitals. She was sent home twice, even though she was in excruciating pain from an infection. The hospital staff didn’t tell her that the pregnancy was doomed and that the safest course was an abortion. Because of the Bishop’s Rules. When she returned to the hospital a third time, they had to treat her since she started to deliver. The severely premature baby she delivered died after a few hours.

In 2016, one in six hospital beds in the U.S. are in a facility that complies with Catholic Directives, which prohibit a range of reproductive health care, even when a woman’s life or health is in jeopardy. This includes performing a D & C to expel fetal tissue following a miscarriage. Catholic hospitals have routinely delayed providing care, allowing pregnant women’s health to deteriorate. Hospitals violate the law when they refuse to provide emergency medical care. No woman should rush to the hospital and fear for her life because of religious rules.

Because …. Religious Freedom

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which sets the rules for all Catholic hospitals, has said that its hospitals should let a woman die rather than provide an emergency abortion. The directives prohibit a pre-viability pregnancy termination, even when there is little or no chance that the fetus will survive, and the life or health of a pregnant woman is at risk, the nonprofit organization wrote. They also direct health care providers not to inform patients about alternatives inconsistent with those directives even when those alternatives are the best option for the patient’s health.

When a nun at a hospital in Phoenix defied the bishops’ rules and saved a woman’s life, she was excommunicated and the hospital stripped of its Catholic Status. A doctor reported in another case, that a patient was bleeding so much that she developed a serious infection and a 106 degree fever and the whites of her eyes filled with blood. Although the hospital refused to allow treatment until there was no longer a fetal heartbeat, the doctor provided the unauthorized treatment and then quit his job. The woman survived but spent 10 days in intensive care.

On May 26, 2016, the ACLU’s Reproductive Freedom Project filed a lawsuit in the hope of obtaining documents that show Catholic hospitals are harming women by taking taxpayer dollars for public services yet refusing to provide needed abortions to save a woman’s life.

Would God sanction this kind of treatment for pregnant women?

Where do you draw the line between forcing your religious beliefs on other people and providing care for a woman in dire need of emergency service? And why do these hospitals receive taxpayer dollars for not providing services? If we truly apply the application of separation of church and state, these hospitals should not receive any government funding.

Nothing will happen to remove funding from the churches or in any way deal with this problem until the Republican Conservatives are no longer in control of the Senate and House. They will always side with the church over the lives of human beings.

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