Woman Enough or Enough Women: Hillary is Not Bill’s Keeper

Okay. Now I am angry. I have listened to Trump and a bunch of old white men and assorted women sit around on talk shows, round tables, focus groups, dream teams, and pundit panels to discuss the alleged Bill Clinton affairs from 20 years ago. Donald Trump and his surrogates want to bring up Bill Clinton’s alleged peccadilloes as an actual metric to determine Hillary’s capacity to run for President.

According to the Trumpster, his surrogates and the Beltway media, it seems that Hillary Clinton is alternatively:

  1. Weak willed because she couldn’t control her alleged wandering husband
  2. Is an enabler that “allowed” him to have alleged affairs with (pick a number) women
  3. Is an ungrateful shrew who treated women who allegedly had affairs with her husband in an allegedly unkind fashion
  4. Just not woman enough to – well – be woman enough.

Dear media. Once a man is grown up, it is not up to a woman to “control” him and “force” him to behave. See Trump. If his mother was unsuccessful in teaching him basic integrity, honor and responsibility, it is not up to another woman to do that for him. He is a grown man. Blaming a woman for a man who may or may not have roamed (lots of accusations, little admissible proof) is the ultimate misogynistic sentiment of men incapable of understanding that all women are not your mother.

Dear media. It is illegal to put a leash on another human being and prevent them from going out without permission. If Billy Boy had affairs, (accused by many but only 1 was proven) blaming Hillary for his wandering eye is also misogynistic. If she was running a Billy brothel and she was choosing the women for him, that might be enabling. (or just merely more convenient and it would save on gas). Otherwise, see #1 above. Blaming a woman is the ultimate misogynistic sentiment of men incapable of exercising basic self-restraint believing they are not responsible for keeping the family jewels at home. Sort of like saying “he wouldn’t have hit her if she hadn’t allowed it.” I double dog dare you to go there with women in America.

Dear media. Do you know what the number one reason for women committing violent crimes is? It is probably because they find another woman playing with their toy. As far as I know Hillary has not killed, maimed, injured, stalked, tortured, or otherwise harmed any woman that claims to have slept with her husband. You should hang around with women when they discuss what will happen to a woman who messes with a man a woman thinks is “her” man. Hillary being “mean” to a woman who invaded her marriage? Oh, gosh, she should have been polite, asked the woman in for tea and pleasantly asked her not to sleep with her husband. How dare some mere “wife” expect another woman not disrespect her marriage. Egads! Positively shocking that she may have insisted, quite strongly, that the women cease and desist committing adultery. Expecting a woman to “share” her husband would force her to become an enabler.

Dear media. I know this is a shock. Hillary is woman enough. She is woman enough for anyone. She is a children’s advocate. She was a First Lady of a state. She was the First Lady of a country. She is a stateswoman. She was a legislator. She is an attorney. She is a writer. She is a public speaker. She was a Secretary of State for one of the most powerful countries in the history of the world. She is a mother. She is a grandmother. She is a wife. She is a daughter. She is a human. She is a candidate for President of the United States of America. She is capable of standing up to the most vicious attacks of Republicans heaped upon any woman in our history. She is a woman regularly demonized by the media for being a woman, for being a wife, for being a mother, for being a grandmother, for being a Senator, for being a First Lady of a state and of a country, for being a stateswoman, for being one of the most respected and admired women in the world. She is a woman in all her glory. And she is capable. And she is enough. Get over it.

Women make up more than 50% of the voting population of this country. In the last 8 years we have had our most basic fundamental rights as women, as humans, as citizens violated, eroded, and regulated by people who think we don’t have a right to make our own decisions. People and media who think we are weak. Who think we are not capable. Who think we need government, men and religion to make fundamental decisions for ourselves and our family. Who think we don’t deserve to be paid fairly for our work. Who think we don’t deserve equality while bearing the brunt of the load. Who blame us for the actions of our spouses. There have been many that think rape, incest and domestic abuse are “blessings” and “no big deal.” We are voting this year.

Dear media, Mr. Trump and Republicans and Bernie. If you want to debate our policies, our ideas, our dreams, our goals for this country. Bring it. If you want to try to make us responsible for our spouses, you will have to wait for us to stop laughing. If you expect us to entertain your misogyny and double standards, we will not enable you. If you try to drown us out, threaten us, call us names that would make your mother blush, we can handle it. If you want to try to tell us what is ‘woman enough” you may just find out what enough women means.

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