Missing a piece of the Trump immigration puzzle

As I have listened to Donald Trump describe his imaginary immigrants, I see that a piece is missing from the puzzle. Who are these illegal “aliens,” of Trump’s imagination? We can picture them, lugging backpacks full of drugs, with knives in their fists while they look for American women who may be temporarily unguarded.

Wait, don’t you see what is missing? Women! Are there any female border-crossers who are running drugs and mounting attacks on male Americans? And why haven’t we heard about them, especially in the Trump campaign?

I have a theory, which is that women are much less threatening to the Trump supporter. This supporter is a drug user himself, if you count Oxycontin and alcohol. The idea that big, strong Mexican men may be interested in women who have to catch their man between cocaine binges if she wants to go to the store, makes these men uncomfortable. What if those guys know how to cook (most Latino men do)?

If you want to arouse the average white American nationalist from his drugged stupor, suggest to him that some healthy brown men are showing up looking for work, and perhaps for love. Or, as is much more likely, ask him if they are looking for work in order to send money back south of the border to support their families. Cognitive dissonance–these guys just couldn’t be good guys, could they?

When I moved to Tucson in 1999 there was an incident that captured the attention of the local media. A young woman was found among a group of dead people in the desert. The dead had succumbed to the desert, while the living girl was in critical condition. When she woke up from a coma, she explained that the people she was with were her entire family. The doctors had to break it to her that they were all dead. She alone had survived.

Does Trump rell you about this? Does he visit the border shelters where families live (if they made it to the border). Places where the shelterees wait for the arrival of relief missions from Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, bringing them clothing, diapers and blankets, among other things, while mothers hold their naked babies under their clothes to keep them warm. Do you think humanitarian aid is a crime?

Just keep in mind that if Elian Gonzalez had been a little Mexican boy he would have been slammed into a shelter and forgotten. Only because Cubans get special treatment from the American government was it that it did not happen. His father was able to hold his son in his arms once more; that girl in 1999 never saw her family members again, dead or alive.

If you want to lose it over immigrants, just keep in mind that the American government has a cozy relationship with some Latinos, and doesn’t care a hill of beans about some nameless, unmentioned Mexican family that dies in the desert.

One last word. The Republicans have put hundreds of American families in shelter conditions by their bank manipulation and cutting assistance to Americans. Is this okay by you–do you like to see your own relatives living like illegal immigrants while Republicans turn themselves inside out for the Koch brothers? What’s wrong with you?

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