Mo Brooks Better Blues

NEVER say it can’t get any worse. ALWAYS remember Murphy’s law which states, “if it can go wrong, it will go wrong”. Welcome to Alabama.

These aren’t good days for the Heart of Dixie. The nightmare of George Wallace standing in the schoolhouse door to stop a black student from enrolling at the University of Alabama is long in the past. Wallace saying “segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever” is forgotten today. Failed runs for President by an acknowledged racist and bigot are a mere footnote in history books. From 1963 through 1987, Wallace WAS Alabama to most of the United States. The state’s reputation after Wallace finally left Government was due for a rebound! Wasn’t it? Not so fast. Another cliche: “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Which brings us to Mo Brooks. He is the Congressman with Huntsville, Alabama as part of his district. Huntsville was recently determined to be one of the most educated cities in the country. It is the home of Redstone Arsenal where they research and develop missile technology. It is the home of the Marshall Space Flight Center where astronauts are trained, and space flights devised. It is widely viewed as a great place to live with a diverse population. It also is the home of the largest Mosque in the state.

It was surprising when Congressman Brooks said after the horrific Orlando killings that Muslims would kill every homosexual if they could. Congressman Brooks is one of the Tea Party type conservatives. When local religious leaders, including Protestants and Jews, asked him to recant his statement he doubled down saying: “Islam’s danger today is not unique. Islam has a fourteen hundred year history of conquering lands and peoples via genocide and extermination of those who do not accept Islam.”

Many republicans consider Donald Trump to be extreme with his Muslim ban. Unfortunately, most Republicans support his ban. Mo Brooks, Congressman representing the most diverse and cosmopolitan population in Alabama, and one of the most educated publics in America, believes, in essence, that all Muslims are taught to kill non Muslims.

Congressman Brooks has also said that Donald Trump is an adulterer and will not get his vote. Reality is though, that Donald Trump owes a lot to Congressman Brooks and his fellow Republicans. Have you heard one Republican take umbrage with Congressman Brook’s comments? No you haven’t. They believe it too for the most part. Paul Ryan may be critical of Trump but he hasn’t said a word about Brooks. You see, Donald Trump is the progeny of the Republican revolution based on hatred and racism. As Brooks statement shows, the vile ideas were in the party before Trump. The media has just given Trump the platform to espouse them.

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