Mob Rule is NOT the Rule of Law-Only FOX Doesn’t Get That

LOCK HER UP! THROW HER IN JAIL! IMPEACH HER! Sometimes even calling for her death.

For months I have watched the Republicans become more and more and more unhinged. Conspiracy theories are everywhere. Kelly Ann Conway and her little blonde and assorted white people go on CNN and Chris Matthews to spout what they know is absolutely false information. Brian Williams confronted her the other day on MSNBC stating that putting out false information about indictments against a candidate is misleading to voters and she said “Fine” but the damage is done and the polls have tightened and even though we knew it was false it helped Trump so that is ok.

In other words, lying about a lie you know is a lie, in order to get people to believe the lie you are telling is true, is okay as long at the lie you know you are telling gets people to act in a way they probably would not if they knew it was a lie because lying helps your candidate so the lie is justified because “we just tell it like it is” when we are lying.

I come from a family of right-wingers so I get blasted daily with all the conspiracy BS. Today, I read something on George Takei’s FB page and thought “this is so eloquently put it needs to get out there.”

I believe, sir, in the rule of law. Hillary was accused of wrongdoing in many instances, but no charges were brought. No evidence has ever withstood scrutiny. All of the power of Congress and all of the money and ambition of the GOP failed to produce a single instance of any illegal act. I will only call a person a criminal if the law has through due process been applied and the person adjudicated guilty. To do otherwise is to dishonor the values of our founders and to make a mockery of our system. The accusations you hurl are just that accusations. No doubt they were cooked up in a partisan wet dream of epic proportions by the alt-right and gleefully shared by the reactionary twitterati until some ambitious Congressional aide decided it would make for great fodder for Fox News talking points for the Tea Party’s reelection chances. But they are not the truth, they never were the truth, no one could ever prove them true, and therefore I will give them the short shrift they undeniably deserve.

I have been saying it for years but RW people CANNOT hear. We are governed by laws, not opinions. If the evidence is not there after investigation, a person is not charged. If a person is not charged, they are not tried. If they are not tried, they cannot be found guilty. No matter what FOX says. If the evidence does not exist it is because it does not exist.

Millions of dollars of our money has been spent on RW conspiracies, dozens of congressional investigations, multiple FBI, Justice Department, NSA and private investigators,special prosecutors, hundreds of hours of testimony, millions of documents reviewed and there is no evidence no matter how many rocks they try to claim exist. That is not “above the law” that IS the law.

The 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th an 14th Amendments protect us from the public’s “opinions” and force our culture to rely upon actual facts, evidence, testimony and documentation and lawful procedures. Not conspiracy theories. Not pundit opinions blasted 24/7/365 into our living rooms. Not righteous indignation fueled by misinformation and fear mongering and irrational hatred.

We are entitled to “think” whatever we want, no matter how misinformed, but we cannot “convict” or “lock up” anyone just because we don’t like them – or because people paid to lie continue to lie about lying and get our dander up. Clinton is not above the law…the people screaming to ‘lock her up” in defiance of the law are the only ones claiming that position.

Defiance of the matter how right you think you are…is breaking the law. Testifying, turning over documents, participating in multiple investigations, giving hundreds of thousands of documents to dozens of law enforcement agencies, testifying multiple times without immunity and waiving your RIGHT to keep silent in order to comply with investigations is called DUE PROCESS.

Demanding that a person be convicted based upon your opinion despite the evidence is called mob rule.

Telling lies to convince people that the lies are true often enough that you begin to believe your own lies is pathological.

Lying about lying to justify lying is sociopathic.

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